First look: Watch 'The Apprentice' candidates get their teeth into kids' toothbrush task

Watch: The Apprentice candidates try to get kids brushing their teeth

The Apprentice candidates appear to be set up for disaster in Thursday night's episode as they are given the tough task of designing a kids' electric toothbrush that will get them brushing their teeth.

In first-look clips from the second episode of the series, the girls' team appear to be headed for arguments and blame in the boardroom as the design team do a U-turn on the agreed brief.

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Project manager Francesca Kennedy Wallbank has asked for a simple design, but prompting mutiny, Sophie Wilding tells the design sub-group: "Francesca said she wanted a plain toothbrush, no shape and an orange stem. We need to attract a child and the brief we were given wouldn't do that, how do you feel?"

<p>The teams attempt to design the perfect children's toothbrush.</p>
Amy Anzel agrees to a risky break with the brief. (BBC)

Amy Anzel, leading the sub-group in Kennedy Wallbank's absence, says: "I'm just worried because Francesca is so specific with what she wants..."

However, she soon agrees to a rocket-shaped toothbrush covered in stars and planets instead, seeming to lead to an inevitable disagreement with the project manager.

Meanwhile, the boys' team are engaged in a very earnest discussion about wizards, wands and whether they are gender neutral.

The teams attempt to design the perfect children's toothbrush.
Aaron Willis reassures his team that wizards are gender neutral. (BBC)

The team is led by dad Aaron Willis who feels confident he can encourage kids to brush their teeth regularly by making the toothbrush look like a wand.

His teammates immediately jump on his suggestion as being the best idea, but ask whether he is aiming the product at boys or girls.

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Willis says: "It's a brown wand, so that child, whether it's a boy or a girl, could interpret it. If we start focussing on gender, then we are leaving ourselves wide open, whereas we don't have to mention the gender because you're just a wizard with a wand doing spells."

His teammates nod along in agreement, but whether their strategy impresses Lord Sugar remains to be seen.

The Apprentice continues on Thursday, 13 January, at 9pm on BBC One, followed by You’re Fired on BBC Two. Watch live and on-demand on BBC iPlayer.

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