Artist photographs everything touched by his right hand for 11 years

Chris Parsons
News Editor
Yahoo News.
Alberto Frigo's ambitious and bizarre art project. (Rex)

Artist Alberto Frigo has taken ‘lifeblogging’ to the next level - by photographing everything his right hand touches for 11 years.

The Italian, 35, documented the minutiae of his life since 2003, with pictures ranging from hairbrushes, beer bottles, razors and spoons.

Alberto reckons he touches around 75 objects per day, and his bizarre project currently stands at around 300,000 photos.

He wants to keep series going until he reaches retirement in 2040 - by which time he hopes to have taken 1 million images.

Other objects which feature heavily in his unique project include bicycle helmets, headphones, shower heads, binoculars and microscopes.

Alberto, who was born near Venice, said the project started when he began to study design in the 1990s in Vancouver.

He said: ‘I was only a freshman then and got immediately fascinated by all that I was learning - making my own food, doing the laundry and all other everyday processes that my mother had up to then taken care of.

Life through a lens: Alberto has taken 300,000 pictures so far. (Rex)
Project: Alberto's photos feature bicycle helmets and shower heads. (Rex)
Alberto Frigo and his art project in action. (Rex)
Going strong: No right-handed activity goes undocumented by Alberto. (Rex)


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'It was about at this time that I tried to figure out a way to record my life without all the post editing and technological frustrations.

‘A day later I was photographing every object my right hand uses in order to keep track of my activities.

‘I then thought of the objects I was using as the letters of an alphabet which could, in the long run, make up a sort of DNA code of my life. I was 24 then and still eager to discover new exciting things in life.’

Alberto insists the life-consuming project doesn’t interfere too much with his normal life.

He added: ‘At this stage, my left hand now naturally photographs my right hand using objects without me really thinking about it.’

Alberto has a specific set of rules which dictate when he photographs his right hand. One says that he snaps his right hand ‘during a life-event every object the dominant-hand uses is photographed once and while used.’

He has now collated all his images so far into a huge artistic display, called ‘Images of the artifacts used by the main hand’.

The photo series, which started in September 2003, is on display at the Science Gallery in Dublin.