Ash is shocked when he walks in on Tori naked

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Irene correctly determines that Ash has a crush on Tori. He tells Irene that they are good mates and he doesn't want to ruin their friendship, as he doesn't know if he is ready yet for a relationship. Irene advises him to be honest.

With good intentions, Ash buys dinner and heads over to the Morgans'. He mishears Tori thinking she told him to come in and walks in to find her naked, as she has just got out of the shower. Feeling embarrassed, she screams at a startled Ash to get out.

Meanwhile, Jennifer tells Coco she knows about her purging and that in return for her help and her continued cooperation in keeping her secret, she needs to help set her up with VJ. Even though it clearly hurts her, Coco helps Jennifer score a study date with VJ. Pleased that it worked, Jennifer lets Coco sit with her in class, leaving Raffy hurt and all alone.

After class, Raffy confronts Coco over her new friendship with Jennifer. Coco calls Raffy a loser nerd while trying to defend her actions and deter Raffy's badgering.

Elsewhere, Hunter has been creating a website for Olivia's fashion label and asks if she is interested in forming a partnership with him.

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