Porsche driver condemned for blocking fire engine due to 'wedding emergency'

Aston Fire Station has urged people not to leave cars parked blocking their vehicles. (INSTAGRAM)
Aston Fire Station has urged people not to leave cars parked blocking their vehicles. (Aston Fire Station)

A Porsche driver has been referred to the police after they blocked the entrance to a fire station due to a ‘wedding emergency’.

Aston Fire Station staff tweeted about the ‘shocking’ incident and reminded members of the public that people’s lives depend on the emergency vehicles being able to get out.

Staff at the station in Birmingham tweeted a picture of the white car, which costs around £42,000, parked at the entrance and called it ‘poor judgment’.

A photo shows the motorist parked inside the yellow cross hatchings despite instructions for drivers telling them not to park there.

In a tweet, Aston Fire Station said: “We always ask that you please be considerate when parking your vehicle.

“However, not only has this vehicle parked right in front of the station, but it has also parked in front of an emergency response vehicle.

“West Midlands Police have been informed. #Shocking”

After the driver eventually moved their car, the fire station added: “The owner of the vehicle blocking our station and our BRV has finally moved it, claiming that it was a ‘wedding’ emergency.

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“No matter the emergency, don’t block emergency service vehicles. Yours and others lives may depend on it.”

People commented on the picture of the car on Twitter, one social media user Michelle Newsome said: “How could some normal person, think for one second, that parking there, was acceptable, wedding or not..”

Another Twitter user, Jodie Davey, said: “I’d have rammed it out of the way! I mean how thick are some people!”

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