The awkward moment when Married at First Sight groom bails before even seeing the bride

On a show that pairs people off to be married before having ever met one another, what could possibly go wrong?

A lot, as it turns out.

Married at First Sight, Channel 4’s latest ‘dating’ reality show is pretty bold. Contestants agree to legally marry a total stranger in the name of TV, seeing each other for the first time moments before they exchange vows.

But this week’s show didn’t go as planned and was made even more cruel by it happening just after Valentine’s Day.

The latest groom to partake in the extreme experiment, insurance broker Wayne, made a dramatic u-turn when it came to marrying estate agent Carrie.

(Channel 4)
(Channel 4)

He decided to remove himself from the daunting process before he’d met or even seen a photo of his bride-to-be, describing it as a ‘really big deal’.

‘I really am sorry to say that I won’t be declaring my intention today,’ he told the registrar, Cynthia.

‘For me, if there’s any doubts it shouldn’t happen. Obviously I’m feeling it for Carrie right now as well,’ he went on.

‘How do you think she’s going to feel?’ Cynthia, who is assigned to make sure both parties are doing the right thing and to oversee the process, asked.

‘I’d feel awful for her. I really would,’ Wayne replied.

‘But the other side is I don’t want to marry someone when I’m not entirely comfortable with the situation.

‘I’m hoping she would appreciate that.’

After seeing the bombshell episode people on Twitter began to question what Wayne was doing on the show in the first place, if he wasn’t completely sure about what he wanted.

(Channel 4)
(Channel 4)

Others, though, supported and respected his decision.

Elsewhere, wedding bells were in the air when millionaire Ben didn’t get cold feet and married police officer Stephanie, after meeting for the first ever time at the aisle. Even then, people were not happy with how frivolously two people would just get married, but then again you can’t please everyone.

Married at First Sight follows a cold feet trend where earlier this month a couple on Don’t Tell the Bride called off their impending marriage after it all went wrong on the day.

Catch Married at First Sight each Thursday, at 9pm, on Channel 4 and catch u on All4.

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