Hundreds of Emmerdale viewers complained overnight after acid attack scene

(Credit: ITV)
(Credit: ITV)

Viewers of ITV1’s Emmerdale were left shocked and sickened by the recent, graphic acid attack.

The episode in question aired on 8 February and focused on the horrific and sudden assault on character Ross Barton, who gets acid squirted in his face as he gets out of his car at night. The scene has proven controversial and divisive among fans of the show but it addresses a very real and dangerous trend that has appeared in the news in recent months.

Earlier this year, a YouTuber was heavily criticised for recording a ‘prank’ video that pretended to acid attack random people but was actually using water.

Elsewhere, Ferne McCann’s ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins was jailed for 20 years after committing acid attacks himself.

According to Digital Spy, more than 200 people contacted Ofcom, after being left distressed and unhappy with the storyline that played out.

There were a total of 228 individual complaints since last night’s episode was on, with the broadcasting regulator said to assess them all before making the choice to investigate or not.

Speaking to the soap’s spokesperson, Digital Spy report that:‘Emmerdale has a long track record of tackling difficult and topical storylines and the unprovoked acid attack upon Ross is another example of this.

‘We take our responsibility seriously when portraying what happens in these circumstances. Consequently, the storyline was researched thoroughly with medical experts at Pinderfields Hospital.

‘For the sequence following Ross’s attack we adhered carefully to the NHS guidelines about how to help people who are the victim of an acid attack.

‘We also specifically researched this story with one particular victim who felt it important to share what happened to him with the Emmerdale production team.’

People shared their anger on social media, claiming that it was a mistake to run with the storyline in the first place.

(Credit: ITV)
(Credit: ITV)

But other viewers were quick to praise the show for tackling the issue.

According to Metro, there were 431 acid attacks in London last year alone.

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