Ayda Field says she narrowly lost out on 'highest-paid actress in television' role

Laura Hannam
Ayda field claims she was almost cast on Big Bang Theory. (PA Images)

Ayda Field could have become one of the highest paid actresses on television ever. The 39-year-old wife of Robbie Williams and current X Factor judge says she was almost cast as Penny on Big Bang Theory – only to lose out to Kaley Cuoco.

“I tested against Kaley Cuoco for The Big Bang Theory. Not getting that hurts. And you read articles like, “highest-paid actress in television”, Field told The Mirror

Cuoco reportedly earns $1 million (£765,000) per episode of The Big Bang Theory and is now worth an estimated $55 million (£42 million).

Field went on to detail the struggles and inevitable rejections involved in working as an actress in Los Angeles.

Kaley Cuoco has starred in Big Bang Theory since it launched in 2007.

“I’ve had jobs taken away. You have to audition the day after. You’ve got to do it, but I can’t be funny.

“Or when I’d broken up with Rob. You’re testing for this comedy, [but think] ‘I can’t do it’,” she said.

Prior to marrying Robbie Williams in 2010, Field’s acting roles included appearing on shows such as Days of Our Lives, Blue Collar TV and Back to You.  

She has continued to act sporadically since with supporting roles in televisions shows such as Fresh Meat, The Exes and Power Monkeys.

Ayda Field with husband Robbie Williams (PA Images)

She has come under some scrutiny for becoming a judge on X Factor alongside husband Robbie Williams. With no known music industry experience, some have questioned her credentials to judge the talent show.

However, her Overs category have defended their mentor, with Janice Robinson of Livin’ Joy fame even calling her the ‘real deal.’

“Ayda is one of the most brilliant women I have ever met. She is the real deal. I would put making an album in her hands, that’s how smart she is!” Robinson said.

X Factor continues Saturday at 8.30pm.

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