Bayern Munich vs Barcelona LIVE: Champions League result, final score and reaction tonight

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Barcelona find new levels of humiliation. This Champions League elimination wasn’t an 8-2 or one of those collapses, but it was a first group-stage elimination since 2001.

Far from a vision of how to play the game, they are the ultimate image of an empire that has crumbled. You could say this 3-0 win was another illustration of Bayern Munich’s own power as they secured a 100% record from the group, but they didn’t have to reach such heights. It was all so easy for the German champions, as they seemed to get through Barcelona with every single attack.

Almost the worst thing about it was how it never felt like they had any chance at all. That was even before Benfica basically ended any tension on the evening by going ahead against Dynamo Kyiv before the 20th minute of the other match.

This defeat, and elimination, was of course down to so much more than what actually happened on the night. There were the ghosts of many bad Barca defeats to Bayern within it, after all.

It is the latest consequence of a long decline, and a series of bad decisions taken at every turn.

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Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

Full-time: Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

22:10 , Sarah Rendell

So as predicted after their 3-0 opening Champions League loss to Bayern Munich, Barcelona are out of the Champions League thanks to another 3-0 defeat at the hands of the German champions.

Muller, Sane and Musiala all scored to kill Barca’s hopes of progressing as Benfica clinically beat Dynamo Kyiv 2-0 in the other group game.

To catch up with all the action from this one, our report is below:

Barcelona out of Champions League after being easily beaten by Bayern Munich

Full-time: Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

22:05 , Sarah Rendell

Peter Crouch has called Barcelona in the Europa League “unthinkable”.

But tonight wasn’t the Barca we all know. Sloppy mistakes, horrific defence and lack of attack just saw them fade.

Bayern were clinical and it just shows their dedication when players, like Lewandowski and Sane, looking disappointed when chances didn’t come off at 3-0 up.

Full-time: Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

22:00 , Sarah Rendell

The upset for Barcelona wasn’t to be but defending champions Chelsea were handed a shock earlier today.

In a thrilling match the Blues went 1-0 up over Zenit but were 2-1 down at half-time. Lukaku and Werner put them back in the lead but Zenit scored a late equaliser.

The result means they finish their group in second, for all the action read our report:

Late Zenit equaliser leaves Chelsea second in Champions League group

Full-time: Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:58 , Sarah Rendell

This season Bayern have put two 3-0 performances over Barcelona but it does have to be said Xavi’s side look slightly better than the team who hosted Nagelsmann’s side.

The scoreline may be the same but the first half did show promise from Barcelona. It is a big job for Xavi but if he’s given the time he could rebuild the Spanish giants.

FULL-TIME: Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:53 , Sarah Rendell

Barcelona are out of the Champions League after another thumping from Bayern Munich.

The final score could easily have been five or six nil. Sane has seen three scorable chances gone and only a few chances early in the first half from Dembele showed a glimpse of threat from the visitors.

Muller opened the scoring, his 50th Champions League goal, with Sane and Musiala adding two more.

Bayern join Liverpool and Ajax with a perfect six wins from six.

Dire times for Barca who fail to qualify for the knock-out stages for the first time since the 2000/01 season. Benfica put the nail in the coffin for Xavi’s side as they defeated Dynamo Kyiv 2-0. Barca are heading to the Europa League.

Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:51 , Sarah Rendell

90 mins: It’s been more of the same for the last few minutes with Barcelona just offering nothing.

Depay looks uncomfortable, touching his hamstring, which will be a worry for Xavi.

There are three minutes added here but the match may as well have heard the full time whistle at 90 minutes.

Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:47 , Sarah Rendell

87 mins: Sane again with another goal gone begging. Ter Stegen, who’s had a poor match, slips as he came out to challenge him but Sane’s strike sails over the bar.

The star should definitely have a hat-trick by now and looks frustrated as another chance goes awry.

Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:45 , Sarah Rendell

85 mins: Mingueza is down and it looks serious as he gets an elbow to his face.

Break in play here as medics tend to the player who rose to his feet and continued to play.

Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:42 , Sarah Rendell

82 mins: Barca had a corner which they took short again. The ball was eventually thumped into the box but it reached a Bayern head first.

It came back in but Neuer collected.

Richards is booked for a foul on Araujo and conceded a free kick. Depay took it but Bayern silenced the threat but gave away a corner. The attempt from that is skied by Gavi.

Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:38 , Sarah Rendell

78 mins: Barca have had the lions share of possession here but they’ve been forced back to their keeper.

There seems to be no go forward in this team despite the need for a win. The players must know a victory is unlikely but fans will be gutted with this performance.

Bayern have made more changes with Lewandowski and Sule off. Tillman and Nianzou on.

Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:34 , Sarah Rendell

75 mins: Barca made a few more changes as F. De Jong and Dembele coming off for Coutinho and Puig.

The commentators laying into the departing players who have failed to put an impression on this match. The players came with big price tags but they’ve failed to live up to it.

The changes won’t impact the outcome of this match which Barca players must be wanting to end. This is slightly painful to watch.

Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:30 , Sarah Rendell

70 mins: Depay had a cross which was pushed behind by Sule.

Depay took the kick but Neuer came out to collect it. Bayern then launched a counter with Lewandowski waiting in the box. Mingueza did well to block the cross but conceded a corner.

The hosts went short and Ter Stegen did well to save Coman’s long range strike.

Bayern made more changes with Sarr on for Coman and Richard replaced Davies.

Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona

21:26 , Sarah Rendell

66 mins: Bayern won yet another free kick, their fourth of the match, but Sane’s strike goes straight out of play.

The German team just toying with the visitors now who are just falling apart at this stage.

GOAL! Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona (Musiala 61’)

21:21 , Sarah Rendell

Easiest goal of the evening!

VAR checked to see if the ball went out of play through Davies but it’s cleared and the goal stands.

A huge cross came into Davies who crossed in with Musiala tapped it home. How much will Bayern win by?

Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

21:19 , Sarah Rendell

60 mins: Xavi applauds his players who are stringing some attacking phases together. What a massive job he has on his hands to get them back to their former glory.

A good decision from the boss so far is bringing Gonzalez on who has been bright in attack.

And now it’s Bayern’s turn to make a change as Tolisso comes off for Roca.

Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

21:16 , Sarah Rendell

56 mins: Gonzalez had a shot but it doesn’t shake Neuer who collected easily.

Barca are being easily dispossessed all over the field and you just feel they are a shadow of what they once were.

A few breaks in play as the ref needs help with his technology.

Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

21:11 , Sarah Rendell

51 mins: Coman was able to tear apart Barca’s midfield and completely ran riot to unleash Bayern’s attack.

Barca did get the ball back with Gavi and Depay getting shots away which ended with a corner.

The set-piece was sloppy and Bayern get the ball back. The desperation from the Spanish side is showing and it isn’t manifesting in productive ways at the moment.

Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

21:08 , Sarah Rendell

48 mins: How has Sane not scored there?

Ter Stegen is lucky as he was out of position as Sane found himself in front of an open goal. The ball ends up with the keeper who was on the right post.

Surely Xavi is contemplating the keeper’s position in this team. He has been poor.

Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

21:04 , Sarah Rendell

We are back underway at the Allianz Arena.

Can Barcelona get back into this? It’s doubtful as three goals are needed from Xavi’s side.

Xavi has made an early change as Dest is replaced by Gonzales.

Half-time: Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

20:57 , Sarah Rendell

A fun half-time fact for you, no-one has scored more goals against Barcelona than Thomas Muller.

The goal was Muller’s eighth Champions League goal against the Spanish side.

And the opener in this match was Muller’s 50th Champions League goal - not a bad evening for the German star.

Half-time: Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

20:52 , Sarah Rendell

Here’s a look at Sane’s fantastic strike but look how poor Ter Stegen is.

Half-time: Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

20:50 , Sarah Rendell

The group E table as it stands:

1. Bayern 18

2. Benfica 8

3. Barcelona 7

4. Kyiv 1

Half-time: Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona

20:48 , Sarah Rendell

Well it looks as though Barcelona will be going out of the Champions League in the group stage.

The visitors were looking promising in the early stages, especially though Dembele. However, as soon as Muller’s goal was scored the belief seemed to drain from Barca.

Sane’s stunning goal just added to the hosts’ growing domination in this match.

Barcelona need to win this if they want to stay in the competition as Benfica are winning their fixture 2-0 at half-time. Can Xavi’s Barca get three here? I don’t think so.

GOAL! Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona (Sane 42’)

20:43 , Sarah Rendell

Unbelievable strike, my mouth is open!

Bayern goes through the motions moving up the pitch and Sane ends up with the ball a long way outside the box.

He takes a look at the goal and thumps the ball. Ter Stegen should have done better but it’s a stunning goal.

Bayern Munich 1-0 Barcelona

20:42 , Sarah Rendell

40 mins: Watching the replay of Muller’s goal just shows the class Bayern have. Lewandowski has so much time as he just plays around Pique.

The Polish international’s cross was perfect but Muller is falling to the floor as he heads the ball. Just skillful to get it over the line with Araujo unlucky not to clear it.

The hosts have come to life since scoring and Barca are starting to fall away. It could be a long evening!

Bayern Munich 1-0 Barcelona

20:38 , Sarah Rendell

37 mins: SAVE! Ter Stegen stops Muller from doubling their lead. Barca will have to be careful here as their defence has become more open since Muller scored.

Dembele also nearly equalised, it’s all go here!

GOAL! Bayern Munich 1-0 Barcelona (Muller 33’)

20:34 , Sarah Rendell

What a goal!

Lewandowski ran circles around Pique to give time to Muller to get in a great position. He headed the ball which looked to be cleared on the line but the referee says it crossed into the goal!

Muller’s 50th!

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:31 , Sarah Rendell

30 mins: Just when you think the night can’t get any tougher for Barca one of their best players Alba comes off with an injury. It looks like a hamstring problem for the star.

Mingueza comes on.

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:29 , Sarah Rendell

28 mins: So close!

Muller has a great cross in but Lewandowski over runs the play to keep Barca in this match.

Depay then tries a counter attack but pushes a defender to the floor. Goals are needed here...

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:25 , Sarah Rendell

24 mins: And the night has just got even harder for Barca as Benfica have scored again!

Gilberto Junior has doubled the Portuguese side’s lead. Xavi’s side will need a win here now and so far it could go either way.

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:22 , Sarah Rendell

21 mins: Davies cleared well to stall a Barca attack and I’m wondering if messages are being fed to players about the Benfica match as the Spanish side have come alive in the last few minutes.

Dembele had a shot but skies the attempt. You have to give it to Barca that they are putting it all on the line.

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:19 , Sarah Rendell

18 mins: It’s a brutal match out there tonight as we’re in the early stages and we’ve had another booking!

Araujo has a yellow for a foul with some saying he was lucky not to have a red. Another free kick given to Bayern on the edge of the box with Sane the taker. The set-piece goes to nothing.

Bad news for Barca though as Benfica have scored in their 8pm kick-off! Yaremchuk the scorer and as it stands Barca are out of the Champions League!

Table as it stands:

1. Bayern 16

2. Benfica 8

3. Barcelona 8

4. Kyiv 1

(Benfica 2nd on head to head)

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:16 , Sarah Rendell

15 mins: Gavi will have to be careful after he gifts the ball to Bayern again from a foul.

Barca managed to muscle the ball back and Dembele sets up another great chance with a corner.

Depay took the corner short but the attack ended in F. De Jong being ruled offside.

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:12 , Sarah Rendell

11 mins: Jeez that was close! Dembele made a great run down the left side but his cross in couldn’t find a teammate.

Just as Barca were building Gavi gave away a scorable free kick. Tolisso almost got a foot to the cross in and Bayern won a corner.

Coman took the set-piece but it was well defended by the visitors.

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:08 , Sarah Rendell

7 mins: Chance! Depay got a good ball in the box with it coming into Alba’s path.

He struck the ball with Neuer needed to make a save. Good glimpse of what Barca can do but the passing errors need to be eradicated from their game if they want the three points here.

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:06 , Sarah Rendell

5 mins: Sloppy play in the opening few minutes as both sides lose possession and the ball exchanges hands quickly.

Busquets is booked for a challenge of Lewandowski after a poor pass from Ter Stegen. Bayern won a free kick from the foul on the edge of the box. Sane took the kick with the ball smacking Busquets in the head.

Early let-off for Barca!

It also has to be said how strange it is to be without fans once again. All that can be heard are the calls from players and managers in a freezing Allianz Arena.

Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

20:01 , Sarah Rendell

We are underway at the Allianz Arena.

Nagelsmann hasn’t held back with his team selection despite already qualifying for the next round.

It’s a tough task but Barcelona will battle for the qualification here.

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

19:54 , Sarah Rendell

Joe Cole doesn’t have much hope in Barcelona as he says on BT Sport there’s “no way” Xavi’s side will beat Bayern Munich.

Peter Crouch added to the doubts saying he “fears” for Barca.

If they don’t win the Spanish side will be out in the group stage for the first time since 2000/01 season!

Just over five minutes until kick-off...

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

19:49 , Sarah Rendell

Here’s a reminder of tonight’s teams who will take to the field in Germany.

Bayern: Neuer, Upamecano, Sule, Pavard, Lewandowski, Sane, Coman, Davies, Tolisso, Muller, Musiala

Barca: Ter Stegen, Dest, Pique, R. Araujo, Sergio, O. Dembele, Depay, Lenglet, Alba, F. De Jong, Gavi

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

19:42 , Sarah Rendell

Well, well, well Barca may take some hope from Chelsea’s result tonight. The defending champions have been dealt a slight upset.

Zenit have managed to finish the game 3-3 and with Juventus holding onto their victory the defending champions have slipped to second in the table. This means Chelsea may have to face Bayern Munich and they definitely will be playing a group leader in the round of 16.

Just 20 minutes to see how this one turns out and head over to the Chelsea live to reaction from that match.

Zenit vs Chelsea LIVE: Latest Champions League updates

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

19:37 , Sarah Rendell

The match this evening will be played behind-closed-doors due to Covid cases in Germany rising.

Markus Söder, the Minister-President of Bavaria, told regional broadcaster Bayern 2: “It makes no sense to allow spectators again for the foreseeable future. If that doesn’t work on the federal level, we will do it for Bavaria alone.”

Though fans presence would have added to the tension in the match, it will be nearly full to the brim due to how crucial this match is for Barcelona.

Lose it and they may be out of the Champions League.

Bayern Munich set to play matches without fans as Covid cases soar

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

19:29 , Sarah Rendell

The match kicks off at the Allianz Arena in just over half an hour but that’s not the only Champions League match happening this evening.

Chelsea had an earlier kick-off and they are embroiled in a tense match. They were 1-0 up but went 2-1 down only for Lukaku to equalise and Werner to put them ahead again! That match is in its closing stages and if you want to follow it live click the link below.

Meanwhile the other earlier game sees Juventus 1-0 up over Malmo.

Zenit vs Chelsea LIVE: Latest Champions League updates

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

19:23 , Sarah Rendell

Everyone in the football world will have their eyes on tonight’s fixture to see the fate of Barca’s Champions League hopes.

The side last didn’t qualify for the knock-out rounds in the 2000/01 season when Leeds United and AC Milan progressed in their group.

Will we see the same fate 21 years later? Barca’s supporters will soon find out...

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

19:13 , Sarah Rendell

Barcelona manager Xavi is clear on the main threat his side are under this evening - Robert Lewandowski.

The Polish international scored twice against Barca in the reverse fixture and is in fine form this season.

Xavi said: “The key will be to go out with confidence, try to dominate by having the ball and attack. We have to defend as a team and try to keep Lewandowski out of the area because that’s where he is decisive.”

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

19:04 , Sarah Rendell

For any Game of Thrones fans out there this reference will be a treat, if you’re not look away now!

Bayern have posted that “winter is here” as it’s snowing in the Allianz Arena and Barcelona will need a Winterfell miracle if they are to come away with a win this evening.

A loss could mean they are out of the Champions League so it’s an important night for the Spanish club. Kick-off in just under an hour.

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona team news

18:57 , Sarah Rendell

And now the hosts have released their starting squad!

Upamecano returns from his European ban but Joshua Kimmich, Michael Cuisance and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting are all out due to Covid.

Neuer will stand tall in goal with star man Lewandowski upfront.

Full line-up: Neuer, Upamecano, Sule, Pavard, Lewandowski, Sane, Coman, Davies, Tolisso, Muller, Musiala

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona team news

18:50 , Sarah Rendell

Barcelona have announce their team news for the must win fixture.

Frenkie de Jong returns to the starting XI alongside Gavi.

Full line-up: Ter Stegen, Dest, Pique, R. Araujo, Sergio, O. Dembele, Depay, Lenglet, Alba, F. De Jong, Gavi

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

18:46 , Sarah Rendell

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann has urged his team to not get complacent despite already booking their spot in the knock-out round.

The German club are unbeaten so far in the Champions League and are targeting a perfect group stage run.

Nagelsmann said: “We’re happy that we’re going into this game having already secured top spot. Nevertheless, it’s still an important game. The Champions League is always something special, and we want to be fair to the rest of the teams in the group.

“Barça still have world-class players. They are under pressure in the table and have to win, and they will give everything to do that. It’s not about knocking them out, but about the three points for us. I still see them as candidates for the title.”

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

18:43 , Sarah Rendell

Xavi has made it clear how crucial a game tonight’s Bayern Munich clash is to his team and their fans.

Barca need to win tonight’s fixture to qualify for the next round and the manager said: “It’s a decisive game for us and we have our own fate in our own hands. If we win, we are through.

“History tells us that we have not won in Munich but now we have a chance to break that run. We have a great chance to rewrite history with our first win there and we are looking forward to that.”

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

18:37 , Sarah Rendell

The Champions League fixture will kick-off at 8pm and it’s all on the line for Barcelona who need a win against the German club.

We’ve popped a piece together so you know all you need to about the fixture! Confirmed team news is expected imminently and as soon as it comes in we will let you know.

How to watch Bayern Munich vs Barcelona online and on TV tonight

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona

18:31 , Sarah Rendell

If the task of beating Bayern Munich wasn’t hard enough, Barcelona will have to do it in tricky weather conditions.

It’s currently snowing in the Allianz Arena!

What happened in the Bayern Munich vs Barcelona reverse fixture?

18:27 , Sarah Rendell

Ah the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich signalled a stark difference in the Spanish side to what fans were used to in the Champions League.

Barca could hardly string attack together as they were dominated in a 3-0 defeat at home.

Bayern’s star man Robert Lewandowski scored twice in the match the Barcelona will want to forget. If you want to refresh your memory on the match here’s a piece from the night.

Five things we learned as Barcelona’s fall laid bare in defeat to Bayern

What are the permutations?

18:24 , Sarah Rendell

Tonight’s result has no bearing on Bayern’s qualification as they have their knock-out spot signed, sealed and delivered after an unbeaten run.

However, Barcelona’s European top-flight hopes depend on if they can secure a win. It’ll be a tough task with them losing 3-0 to the German side in the reverse fixture but they are under new management so have the potential to get the job done.

As always in the Champions League, other games will impact the result of this one so check out our piece on all the permutations:

What every team still needs to reach Champions League last-16

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona live updates

18:10 , Karl Matchett

Bayern Munich are seeking to complete a perfect Champions League group stage on Wednesday night when they host Barcelona, with five wins from five meaning they are already through to the last 16 and top.

The team from La Liga are far from as comfortable, needing a win to guarantee their own spot in the knock-outs and knowing that Benfica will be keeping the pressure on them from afar - we’ll keep you up to date with the goals from that game too as the night unfolds.

While Julian Nagelsmann might opt to rotate after a big weekend victory domestically, Barcelona’s new boss Xavi is still trying to find the right formula after a tough start since taking over. Goalscoring in particular remains a real issue for the Camp Nou outfit - which might be a big problem considering their lack of clean sheets and Bayern’s own attacking prowess on home soil.

It’s a huge night for two giants of European football, where the fall of one might be laid bare.

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