BBC Breakfast reporter hilariously interrupted during live broadcast: 'I don't work here'

Presenter Ben Boulos was approached for assistance in the middle of a live report about inflation rates

Watch: BBC's Ben Boulos gets interrupted by a shopper during an outside broadcast

What did you miss?

A BBC Breakfast viewers were left chuckling after a reporter was approached for sales assistance while doing a live report from a market. Even presenter Ben Boulos saw the funny side after his hi-vis safety jacket caused some confusion for one customer at a wholesale market at 7am the week before Christmas.

The reporter showed ultimate professionalism and politeness as he dealt with the interruption and attempted to continue his live broadcast.

What, how, and why?

BBC Breakfast reporter Ben Boulos was delivering a breaking news report on the latest UK inflations rates from Birmingham Wholesale Market. As a health and safety measure while standing on the busy thoroughfare he was wearing a hi-vis vest over his suit, causing him to look like the staff of the produce market.

Boulos was in mid-flow of a live economics report, updating viewers on the latest rate of inflation when a customer walked into shot and appeared interested in the good that the presenter was standing in front of.

BBC Breakfast reporter Ben Boulos
BBC Breakfast's Ben Boulos saw the funny side. (BBC)

The BBC reporter was forced to break off mid-sentence to inform them "I don't work here, I'm just doing the news." He then laughed to camera, "Sorry," before continuing to explain: "A typical basket of goods and services has gone up in price."

Boulos shared the clip on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, with a crying with laughter emoji. Many of his followers responded with the same, and one commented: "A man of many talents."

Fortunately Boulos is experienced in dealing with interruptions to his live news reports. In 2022 he was reporting on the rail strikes from outside Euston station when a bus stopped behind him and two passengers began waving at the camera. Charlie Stayt told him: “Ben, you probably weren’t aware, but a bus pulled up and you had friends waving to you from inside the bus, they came and they went."

BBC Breakfast airs BBC One from 6am to 9am, Monday to Friday.

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