BBC Gardeners' World star Monty Don admits 'naughty' video as fans say 'set example'

Monty Don's dog Ned jumping in a field of wheat
-Credit: (Image: Monty Don Instagram)

Gardeners' World presenter Monty Don has come under fire from some fans after sharing a video of his dog Ned which he admitted was "naughty". The gardening expert's golden retriever was seen bounding through fields of wheat in a clip Monty shared to social media.

Ned was seen bouncing up through the long crop during a walk in the video, captioned: "Ned in wheat ( I know, naughty)."

Fans were concerned about the farmer's crop and said the star had a 'responsibility to set an example'. "Wonder what the hard working farmer thinks about some of his crop being flattened?" A_lady_in_the_countryside asked.

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Mark_muggeridge commented: "Hey Monty, I love you and you are a public figure and as such you carry a responsibility to make a difference and set an example. Having your pet running amock in a farmers crop is disrespecting the farmer, the crop, the people who will be fed and the countryside.

"I kindly request you make a public statement that this was a mistake and not appropriate behaviour for yourself and other people who are managing pets in the countryside."

Mackay_gollanfield said: "It's lovely to see him enjoying himself, but the farmer might not be very happy to see him jumping over his crop."

But some of Monty's fans were pleased to see Ned enjoying himself. Karen.blower shared a heart-eye emoji and asked: "Are you sure that's not Tigger?"

fury0sa added: "The wonderful thing about Neds is Neds are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber and bottoms are made of springs!"