BBC's Huw Edwards gets caught out with croissant during election coverage

Watch: Huw Edwards admits to croissant break during election coverage

Huw Edwards amused viewers as he dusted crumbs off his mouth and revealed he'd just finished a croissant during the BBC's election coverage.

The Welsh newsreader, 60, had been enjoying his snack when the camera suddenly returned to him.

Brushing off his mouth, he told viewers: "I’m going to admit to you I’ve just had a little bit of croissant.

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"So I’m just finishing it and I’m ashamed to say that but there you go. It’s 20 to six in the morning…”

Huw Edwards wipes away a bit of his breakfast croissant (BBC/PA)
Huw Edwards wipes away a bit of his breakfast croissant (BBC/PA)

He later joked about it when he was talking to political scientist Professor Sir John Curtice about the election results.

“I’m just wondering whether Sir John Curtice has been helping himself to French patisserie this morning as he is chomping through his data," said the TV star.

Sir John replied: “I was just about to say, Huw, whether you were going to send them up to us, because they have certainly not reached here yet.”

Newsreader Huw Edwards rises to fourth place Huw Edwards with an annual salary of £490,000 – £494,999, despite taking a pay cut from £520,000 – £529,999 for the year 2017-18. (Credit: PA)
Huw Edwards amused viewers. (PA)

Viewers thought Edwards' gaffe was absolutely hilarious and flocked to Twitter to post messages about it.

“Huw Edwards confessing to a cheeky croissant at - timecheck - twenty to six in the morning was the moment we were all waiting for,” one person posted.

Another told Edwards: “Never be ashamed of eating a croissant, Huw Edwards.”

BBC newsreader Huw Edwards speaking during the UK Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorative Ceremony at Central Hall in Westminster, London.
Huw Edwards was seen finishing up his snack. (PA)

“Huw Edwards and his croissant, the biggest love story of 2022,” tweeted another viewer.

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Someone else said: “I love watching that man on TV. He could eat a three course meal during the news and I would forgive him and watch.”