Beach Bar Gives Away Free Beer... But Only If You Do This Stomach-Churning Job


A Spanish beach bar is waging war on dumped cigarette butts by giving away free beer in exchange for stomach-churning cups of fag-ends.

Bosses at the Tibu-Ron bar, in Castelldefels near Barcelona, are offering up free cerveza or soft drinks to anyone who’s brave enough to collect a jar full of discarded filters from nearby sands.

They hope it will stop sunbathers from littering.

Bar director Juan Manuel Lema also hopes other local bars will follow in his business’s footsteps.

So far, the initiative has really captured the imagination of children - who are guzzling down litres of fizzy pop after hours of scouring the shore.

But “not many beers have been given away to adults,” according to local media.

The “Clean And Care For The Beach” campaign is being promoted across the town.

Bar bosses say it’s important because one discarded cigarette filter can contaminate three litres of sea water.

They also state that the toxicity of cigarettes can take between five and 20 years to disappear naturally.

It’s the latest scheme that Spanish bars and councils have come up with to try and improve the summer beach experience.

Last week, it was revealed that the Costa del Sol resort of Torrox had banned people from reserving spots in the sand and then wandering off.

Anyone caught flouting the law now faces up to €300 (£215) in fines.

(Picture credit to REX)