Beauty blogger slammed for 'mocking' skin condition vitiligo and model Winnie Harlow in shocking make-up tutorial

Ella Wills
Model Winnie Harlow rose to fame after appearing in America's Next Top Model in 2014: PA Archive/PA Images

A beauty blogger has apologised after a make-up look was said to "mock" the skin condition vitiligo, which causes discolouration.

Instagram user Golgiknowsbest shared the look earlier this week, and was called out for white patches around his eyes and mouth that were said to be similar to model Winnie Harlow, who has the condition.

Golgiknowsbest deleted his original post, releasing an apology on Wednesday, saying he was actually inspired by drag queen Valentina.

Ms Harlow, 23, was bullied in childhood due to the condition, made widely known by singer Michael Jackson.

The post caused outrage online with many users sharing their upset over the look's similarity to the skin disorder. They said the blogger had "copied" Ms Harlow's appearance.

One user, @ESHAXQ, shared the look on the social media platform, writing: "See what we're NOT gonna do here is mimic skin conditions and make them a makeup trend."

The user added: "Really don't understand why people are comparing vitiligo to the freckles make-up trend. Freckles are most definitely not a skin disorder."

Another user said they were "livid" after seeing the look. They wrote: "My beautiful cousin has vitiligo and was severely bullied her whole life over this condition. She herself is a work of art. This is not art."

The look was called "mockery" by others on the social network, who said that "someone's disorder is not a costume".

But in an apology posted on his Instagram account, Golgiknowsbest said the look was inspired by Valentina from 'Ru Paul's Drag Race'.

In a recent post, Valentina shared a make-up look featuring sections of silver around her eyes and down her arm.