Best pans for induction hobs: From full sets to frying and saucepans

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Gas or induction hob? You’re either committed to one or the other, but everyone can appreciate a good pan.

Quality craftsmanship that harnesses the heat firing up from beneath and delivers the very best possible cooking results from a single, solid piece of kit. That we can all agree on.

So, let’s look at the benefits of induction cooking from the perspective of said pans. Safely installed on the smooth, seamless surface of an induction cooker, they heat up much faster than if placed over gas – albeit with a little less control, admittedly – while a significantly lower temperature is required to maintain a steady fry, simmer or boil. Which, in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, can only be a good thing, right?

But the best bit is that almost all induction pans can be used on gas hobs, but not vice versa, so they’re a safe bet when you’re considering stocking up for the season ahead. A time for comfort food, slow-cooks and autumnal treats – you can almost smell the cosiness.

A spokesperson at Tefal – the go-to for kitchen and household appliances – says: “Seventy per cent of all pans bought are now induction-hob compatible. We find people gravitate towards them, even when they don’t have an induction hob, due to their weightier feel. If you’re not sure if the pan you’ve bought is induction-compatible or not, have a look at the bottom – usually they’ll have a stainless-steel base to allow it to connect to the hob and you can test it by seeing if magnets stick to the bottom. If they do, it’s suitable for induction hobs.”

Ioannis Grammenos, executive chef at Heliot Steak House at The Hippodrome in London, adds: “Induction pans work well for maintaining heat while conserving energy. This means they’re way more cost-effective compared to their gas counterparts which is so important during a time when prices are rising drastically.”

Below, we’ve rounded-up the best induction pans on the market, whether you’re looking for a fantastic pan for frying or a spectacular piece for simmering.

With something for every budget – bargainous beauties, spenny splurges, somewhere in-between – consider this your one-stop shop.

Tefal Ingenio Unlimited Sautepan 24cm

Now here’s a bright idea: a range of induction-friendly cookware from Tefal – appropriately named Ingenio – with every piece in the set featuring a removable handle to save all-important space in already-crammed drawers (a space-saving of 50 per cent, to be precise).

Stacking neatly inside others in the collection, it’s a complete game-changer, and we couldn’t be more on-board. Not only that, but this 24cm ‘sautepan’ – and its equally helpful siblings – can go from hob to oven to table to fridge (just whack on the airtight container to store leftovers). Genius, right?

Non-stick and toxin-free, the cherry on top must be the convenient hour-glass symbol, which magically disappears when the pan reaches the perfect temperature. It means you needn’t watch your cooking like a hawk.

Buy now £40.22, Amazon

ProCook Gourmet Non-Stick Cookware Set 12 piece

The last induction-friendly cookware set you'll ever need, ProCook's mammoth 12-piece has everything you could possibly want to cook up a storm.

The collection includes saucepans and frying pans of varying sizes, a stockpot, casserole dishes and a saute pan - there's even a wok in this set, perfect for stir-fries and healthy curries. Everything comes finished in a non-stick coating which makes clean up a dream, whether you sling them in a dishwasher or wash by hand.

The set also comes with a 10 year guarantee for total peace of mind.

Buy now £279.00, ProCook

Swan Retro 3 Piece Saucepan Set

As part of a three-piece set – a steal at just over £50 – the trio of saucepans from homeware brand Swan offer a stylish solution for induction cooking.

Unlike many others, you get a choice of colour – from yellow to grey and green – while the retro, ribbed styling adds further flair.

What’s more, 16cm, 18cm and 20cm versions mean you’ll have your whole repertoire covered, while a ceramic non-stick coating means little to no oil and healthier suppers.

Buy now £54.99, Swan

Le Creuset Essentials Cast Iron Round Casserole Soup Pot 22cm

You always get what you pay for when it comes to Le Creuset: the legendary French brand’s cast-iron round casserole dish is designed to last you a lifetime (and it should, at £195).

Classic good looks aside – in signature orange or a choice of navy blue and satin black that all look cracking presented in the centre of the table – it’s built for pretty much anything: induction, gas, Aga, oven, grill, barbecue; even an open fire, for crying out loud.

The pot’s weight is its strength, though, distributing heat evenly and retaining it to conserve energy, while being able to cook everything you need on a low to medium setting. A domed lid increases capacity and retains moisture, while everything is surprisingly lightweight. A real investment piece.

Buy now £195.00, Le Creuset

Greenpan Barcelona Pro Heave Guage Aluminium Saucepan 18cm

What seals the deal with this saucepan, from the Barcelona range by Greenpan, is the perfectly flat base that keeps your butter or oil exactly where you want them while your induction starts firing up and doing its thing.

That aside, the 18cm pan is a small but mighty addition to your kitchen arsenal, serving up a ceramic non-stick and scratch-resistant coating alongside an ultra-slim 5mm surface that distributes heat evenly for professional results.

A seamless and rivet-free interior mean it’s super-easy to clean, as there are no nooks or crannies for food to get caught in. A brilliant buy for everyday use.

Buy now £85.00, Fenwick

Zwilling Pro 26cm 18/10 Stainless Steel Frying Pan Silver

You can always count on German brand Zwilling, founded in 1731, to add beautiful aesthetics to utilitarian pieces.

Its 26cm stainless steel frying pan is an inspired match for induction cooking, designed by Italian architect Matteo Thun and product designer Antonio Rodriguez, crafted from the very best 18/10 stainless steel and boasting a handsome satin finish.

Perfect for searing perfectly-pink steaks (caramelised around the fat, natch), it comes with a strong aluminium core that heats the uncoated pan quicky and distributes it all the way to the rim while keeping the handle as cool as a cucumber. A built-in pourer is convenient for sauces and such, while everything is dishwasher-safe to boot.

Buy now £94.95, Zwilling

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Induction Non-Stick Frying Pan

Stainless-teel and non-stick, this basic – but essential – frying pan from Amazon is an absolute steal.

You certainly get a lot of bang for your buck, with a 20cm flat base featuring a wide surface and gently flared sides for easily flipping or turning food (just try to ruin an omelette), plus a soft-grip handle for comfortable lifting and shifting from hob to counter.

Better still, it’s oven-proof, meaning you can whip up the likes of a perfect frittata in a flash, while the whole thing can by bunged in the dishwasher afterwards. You’re not going to get much more for under £20.

Buy now £17.33, Amazon

Tala Performance Superior 20cm Deep Saucepan

The USP of this sexy, stainless-steel number is its extra-deep, four-litre capacity, perfect for making generous soups and stews you can batch-cook and store for later in the week. Meanwhile its impact-bonded induction base ensures consistent heat distribution across its surface for evenly-cooked food.

Inside, there are handy scale markings for measuring liquids straight into the pan, saving time and faff, while the handle stays cool under pressure (just make sure you do the same). Everything looks the part, too, with a sleek mirrored finish that’s more restaurant chef than at-home cook.

Snap it up solo or as part of a five-piece set.

Buy now £91.95, Amazon

Wilko Aluminium Shot Blast Wok & Lid 28cm

There’s always a bargain to be had at Wilko. This wok is a case in point, primed for the most spectacular stir-fries of your life, with a hard-wearing, non-stick surface that enables you to cook with little to no oil – and significantly less time washing-up at the sink afterwards.

Its 28cm surfacer should suffice for most daily cooking: think scrambled eggs, meat stews, accompanying sauces. The soft-grip handle and matching lid wraps up a neat little package for a snip of a price.

Buy now £20.00, Wilko

Stellar Eclipse Saucepan 20cm

This weighty saucepan is the star of the show from the Eclipse collection, a new line of cookware just-launched from kitchen specialist Stellar.

Like its counterparts – which include a frying pan, chef’s pan and milk pan, as well as a couple of sets – it’s made from three separate metals to offer exceptional control and efficiency, while its state-of-the-art design means it heats up and down quicker than a traditional pan.

What’s more, it’s designed so that heat radiates up its side, not just the base, creating a reassuringly consistent temperature inside. Aside from its laser-etched capacity guide and dribble-free-pourer, it comes with a hefty stainless-steel lid, which helps to lock in your ingredient’s nutrients.

Buy now £66.00, Amazon

Robert Welch Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan 28cm

This frying pan from much-loved Cotswolds-maker Robert Welch is a bestseller for a reason.

Formed from premium 18/10 steel – hard-wearing, rust-resistant, dishwasher-safe – it comes with a non-stick coating and 28cm of cooking surface.

With super-quick and evenly-distributed heat, you can expect your sausages to be sizzling in minutes, and those bits and pieces at the edge of the pan to be just as well-cooked.

Buy now £74.00, Amazon

KitchenAid Classic Forged Non-Stick 24cm Frying Pan

KitchenAid only do fancy blenders, right? Wrong. They do a range of premium kitchen appliances, as it transpires, including this posh but practical frying pan featuring an extra-thick forged base that maintains its shape and heats up quickly and evenly. Meanwhile, the non-stick ceramic coating provides easy food release and fast-cleaning, while it’s oven-safe up to 160°C.

Buy now £25.99, KitchenAid