Best Prosecco to buy in the UK

Melisha Kaur

With its light sparkle, palatable flavour and affordable price tag, it's no wonder that Brits are now quaffing a third of all Prosecco produced.

Made from the glera grape, the sparkling wine is a great-value alternative to Champagne and Cava and is a bit easier on the fizz with 11 per cent ABV (champagne and cava are usually 12 per cent ABV).

Its bubbles come from a second fermentation in a stainless-steel tank (autoclaves) – which is known as the Charmat or tank method. After this process, the yeast is then filtered out and the drink is bottled under pressure to preserve its bubbles.

At roughly 80 calories per glass, it’s less calorific than red wine (which can contain up to 160 calories) and is packed with polyphenols that are known to have beneficial effects on our health.

Let’s not forget how price-friendly Prosecco is in comparison to other sparklers. And with so many accessible options from premium supermarket lines like Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference and Tesco Finest, it’s no wonder that it's a festive favourite.

We’ve tested a range to find which supermarket and department store has the best buy.


Valdobbiadene Prosecco Spumante Superiore DOCG

Aldi has been upping the ante with low-priced luxury for the past year and this impressive bubbly is a fine example. Housed in a stylish bottle, it tastes just as a superior DOCG prosecco should and serves well with panettone. On the palate, dark autumn fruits mingle with delicate floral notes. Its finish was fresh, crisp and refined. Top marks all round.

£7.99, Aldi, Buy it now


Bortolotti Prosecco Extra Dry

This fragrant blend offers hints of summer fruits and has a fresh, lingering finish. While classified as extra dry, it has a noticeable sweetness that makes it a good choice for pairing with puddings. It’s a little pricey at just over twenty pounds, but if you’re looking to impress some picky guests then this one should do the trick.

£22, Harrods, Buy it now


Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Conegliano Prosecco 2015

This is a soft sparkler that goes down very nicely, balancing tangy citrus with gentle apricot flavours. It’s not too dry and has a very subtle sweetness, so it’s ideal for those who find most Prosecco too sugary. Great as an Apéritif and best served chilled.

£8, Sainsbury’s, Buy it now

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Conte Priuli ORO Prosecco 2015

The perfect party Prosecco. Not only is it beautifully balanced with flavours of green apple, but its extravagant gold packaging earns it some major presentation points. It has just the right amount of fizz and a velvety texture with plenty of lasting froth. Pair with nibbles and canapés.

£72, Marks and Spencer, Buy it now


Tesco Finest Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG

A generously fruity blend with aromas of apple, white peach and pear. It’s pretty firm on the palate, but was a tad too citrusy for some. The finish is long, dry and slightly bitter. Best for pairing with cheeses like Gorgonzola.

£10, Tesco, Buy it now

Waitrose Cellar

Waitrose NV Glera Italian Prosecco

Here’s one to bring along to the next dinner party in your calendar. Light and refreshing, it boasts both floral and fruity flavours and has notes of sweet almond on the finish. Its balance of acidity and sweetness makes it great for drinking throughout the evening.

£7.99, Waitrose, Buy it now


Asda Extra Special Prosecco

Straight from the vineyards of North-East Italy, this wine offers crisp apple flavours with subtle mineral notes. It had a noticeable lack of fizz and was mildly sweet. Easy to drink, but nothing mind-blowing. Asda recommends blending with peach juice to create a classic Bellini.

£9, Asda, Buy it now


Allini Proseeco Treviso Frizzante

A pretty average Prosecco for day-to-day drinking. With light pear notes, this one’s more suited to those looking for something soft on flavour for cocktail mixing. It’s bright and creamy, but much drier than our other contestants.

£5.25, Lidl, Buy it now

Ombra Di Pantera

Ombra Di Pantera Prosecco Superiore Brut Millesimato DOCG

Fermented over 60 days, this new brand is the Porsche of proseccos. The fruity boquet is fresh and dry but without the bitterness commonly found, it has a robust sparkle that won’t fizzle out as soon as it’s poured. A great bottle to enjoy leisurely, it goes down extremely easily… some might say too much so.

£28, Ombra Di Pantera, Buy it now


Once again, Aldi has given luxury brands a run for their money with a sophisticated Italian sparkler. It’s a certain crowd-pleaser and serves especially well with panettone. Or if you require an expensive-looking bottle to impress the party host, the extravagant appearance and full flavour of Marks and Spencer’s Priuli ORO Prosecco won’t go unnoticed. For taste though, you can't beat the newly launched Ombra Di Pantera.