Best smart video doorbells of 2022

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As anyone who has ever waited in all day for a parcel to show up will testify, it’s a known fact of life that the small window of time you give yourself to run a quick errand will be the precise moment that your long-awaited delivery decides to arrive.

A video doorbell, sometimes known as a smart doorbell, can help with that. Made up of a camera, speaker, microphone and motion sensor, it can tell you, via a notification to your phone, when someone has rung your bell. Then, whether you are in the bath or out and about, you’re able to see live video of your visitor through the corresponding app on your phone and speak to them too.

Not available to check in on your visitor? Some of the best video doorbells are able to record any doorstep dalliances so you can review them later to check who you’ve missed. Plus these smart doorbells also double up as straightforward front-of-house security cameras, keeping an eye out.

As with everything, prices and features vary, so working out what you want one for is important. Some of the biggest things to consider include video and audio quality, any added cloud storage subscriptions for video footage, customisable notifications to ensure your phone isn’t pinging every five minutes thanks to cats on your driveway and whether you want to go for wired or battery powered. The latter is usually easy to install yourself, whereas wired options can be more reliable but usually require professional installation.

Read on for our pick of the best video doorbells you can buy to protect your home and never miss a delivery again.

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring’s latest iteration of its popular battery-powered Video Doorbell offers some decent upgrades on its predecessors, making it worth the additional outlay if you’re new to smart doorbells. New close-range sensors help to more accurately detect the movement that actually matters, meaning you get fewer false notifications due of trees blowing and passing cars.

It also offers a new feature called Pre-roll, which records four seconds of footage before you get a motion alert, so you get a fuller picture of everything that’s going on. That’s not as advanced as similar features on the Nest Hello and Arlo doorbells, but it’s the best you can get from a battery-powered doorbell. With 1080p filming, reasonable cloud storage costs and an easy do-it-yourself setup, it’s a definite front runner in this round up.

Power: Battery powered

Resolution: 1080p

Field of vision: 160 degrees

Subscription: From £2.50 a month

Dimensions: 128mm x 62mm x 28mm

Buy now £189.00, Amazon

Google Nest Hello Video doorbell

The Nest Hello is a wired video doorbell, which the brand recommends you have professionally installed for best results. While this added cost for installation needs to be considered, it does come with a few fantastic features that certainly give it an edge on its competitors. For a start, it doesn’t need to be charged, and it also offers 24/7 streaming and video recording for absolute peace of mind. However, it really leads the way with Google’s excellent AI-powered motion detection, which can tell the difference between people and animals, plus can identify friends and family too, so you can get tailored notifications.

You will need to subscribe to Nest Aware to get the most out of it though, which is on the pricey side compared to some. However, good quality 1080p footage in HDR should mean no details are missed, even at night. It is also currently on sale and is £99, down from £205.

Power: Wired

Resolution: 1600 x 1200

Field of vision: 160 degrees

Subscription: From £5/month

Dimensions: 117 x 43 x 26mm

Buy now £99.00, B&Q

Arlo Video Doorbell Security Camera

Arlo produces some of the best home security cameras you can buy, so it’s hardly surprising that its video doorbell is among the best on the market too. It looks as slick as the Nest Hello, and is wired in the same way too, so you’ll need to consider installation to get it up and running.

Also like Nest, it has the ability to tell the difference between people, animals, vehicles and packages to ensure you receive more helpful notifications, and you can have them turn off automatically when you’re home thanks to built-in geofencing. Video quality is excellent and the 1:1 aspect ratio gives you a full view of your doorstep so you won’t miss a thing. Spotted someone you don’t like the look of? There’s a built-in siren that you can trigger remotely to stop them in their tracks.

Power: Wired

Resolution: 1536 x 1536

Field of vision: 180 degrees

Subscription: From £2.49/month

Dimensions: 130 x 45 x 25mm

Buy now £138.95, Amazon

Eufy 2K Video Doorbell

Eufy might not be quite as much of a household name as other options in this list, but it’s stacked with just as many features as its big-name competitors, including motion sensing, Alexa and Google Assistant integration and human detection. You can choose between wired or battery powered, with both options delivering crisp, clean pictures thanks to a crystal clear 2K resolution and pro-grade lens. However, one of the best things about the Eufy 2K is that you don’t need to pay a subscription cost for your video footage.

It’s all stored locally for you to review whenever you need to, meaning once you’ve bought it, you never need fork out another penny. Not something you can say too often in the video doorbell market.

Power: Wired/battery powered

Resolution: 2560 x 1920

Field of vision: 150 degrees

Subscription: N/A

Dimensions: 130 x 45 x 25mm

Buy now £144.00, Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell

The second generation of Ring’s original Video Doorbell is a bargain if you’re looking for a bell on a budget. Of course, there are fewer features here than pricier options, but for £89, it’s pretty hard to grumble at what’s on offer. It still serves up the ability to see who is at your door wherever you are, along with two-way communication, a decent 1080p resolution and improved motion sensing to prevent false notifications.

You’ll have to pay for Ring’s subscription service to record footage for later, but if you’re not fussed about that, you’ll get all the rest of the aforementioned included for free. The only thing to be aware of is the 16:9 aspect ratio means you get a good wide-angle view of the front of your house but you’ll struggle to see the porch beneath it.

Power: Battery powered

Resolution: 1080p

Field of vision: 155 degrees

Subscription: From £2.50/month

Dimensions: 126 x 62 x 28mm

Buy now £89.99, Amazon

Ring Security Wireless Door view camera

Another Ring video doorbell makes the list, but as a company with a keen focus on the market, it covers many bases where other manufacturers are lacking. The Ring Door View Cam is a fine example of exactly that and is a great option for those in rented flats and apartments, who can’t put anything on the walls next to their doors. Instead, the Ring Door View Cam fits into an existing peephole in your door.

Even better, it needs no tools, no wiring and no drilling so it’s easy to fit and there’s no work to patch up when you leave. It offers a lot of the same features of the Ring Video Doorbell, with 1080p footage and customisable motion sensing, but adds in an Impact Sensor so it can detect knocking, as well as notifications when someone rings the included bell.

Power: Battery powered

Resolution: 1080MP

Field of vision: 155 degrees

Subscription: From £2.50/month

Dimensions: 122 x 57 x 30mm

Buy now £79.00, B&Q

EZVIZ 2K Video Doorbell

Ezviz is a budget-friendly security brand to help you keep a closer eye on your home without breaking the bank. It cuts a few corners to get there in comparison to some pricier options, but it still manages to pack in the features where it counts. That means all the things you’d expect, like night vision, two-way communication and motion sensing, are present and correct in its video doorbell, plus there’s a wide 180-degree viewing angle and customisable heat detection to help reduce false alerts.

Local video storage via microSD card is an option for those who want it, or cloud storage is available from £2.99 a month. The Ezviz DB1 even works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for inclusion in a wider smart home setup, and comes with three different coloured fascia plates so you can change the look as often as you like.

Power: Battery

Resolution: 3MP

Field of vision: 180 degrees

Subscription: From £2.99/month

Dimensions: 130 x 46 x 21mm

Buy now £109.99, Amazon


The Ring Video Doorbell 4 is a superb option for those preferring the convenience of a battery-powered design. It balances cutting edge features with price and performance. For those looking for a wired option, the Arlo Video Doorbell delivers on reliability alongside some of the best smart notifications you’ll find.

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