Best TUMI suitcases to steal Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train style

 ((C) 2022 CTMG. All Rights Reserved.)
((C) 2022 CTMG. All Rights Reserved.)

The hotly anticipated Brad Pitt action thriller, Bullet Train, is out today and we’ve heard of a way you could get your hands on the star of the show.

No, sadly not Bradley himself, but an aluminium briefcase by American luggage brand Tumi; i.e the film’s most-wanted item.

Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug, an assassin on a mission to locate and secure TUMI’s 19 Degree Aluminium briefcase which is stashed onboard the world’s fastest train in Japan as it zips from capital Tokyo to Morioka, a town in the north.

As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear the case is sought after by a whole rabble of lethal rivals who are hot on Pitt’s trail.

Featuring a sleek aluminium exterior with fluid contoured angles in classic TUMI style, it’s a hard-wearing and durable case that stands a chance against the deadliest of assassins.

And of course with a removable laptop portfolio, two file pockets, and two elastic pockets, there’s room for top-secret files aplenty, which will be kept safe from foes thank to a combination lock and TUMI tracer tag.

 ((C) 2022 CTMG. All Rights Reserved.)
((C) 2022 CTMG. All Rights Reserved.)

The luggage expert has created a limited edition run of 150 units of the briefcase itself, priced at a hefty $1,850. But if you haven’t got that kind of cash hanging around your wallet, there’s good news! TUMI is running a competition to win one for yourself.

If you don’t want to leave things to fate, we’ve rounded up of the coolest TUMI cases fit for hitmans and secret agents alike.

TUMI x McLaren M-tech shell duffel bag

Best for: The Bride, codename: Black Mamba, Kill Bill

Also known as ‘the deadliest woman in the world’, The Bride needs a bag for all her weapons as she exacts revenge on the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. It needs to go with her look, of course - this is a woman with killer style.

TUMI’s collaboration with McLaren is the answer, with contrast yellow detailing that’ll match nicely with her bright yellow jumpsuit, especially if paired with the yellow luggage tag. It may not have room for a Samurai sword (count your lucky stars, Lucy Liu) but we’re sure she’ll have space for all of her other to-die-for essentials.

Buy now £575.00, Selfridges

TUMI 117152 ext trip 4 wheel garment bag

Best for: James Bond

Travelling from a casino in Monte Carlo to an Austrian ski resort, a Caribbean island to an Indian palace, it’s a wonder how James Bond’s suit always looks so immaculate.

Enter TUMI’s four wheel garment bag, designed to hold up to six TUMI dress hangers, offering ample space for suits, shirts, and coats, and includes shoe pockets for up to three pairs.

With the ability to unpack in an instant, there’s plenty of time to treat yourself to a martini at the hotel bar - shaken, not stirred.

Buy now £1245.00, Harvey Nichols

TUMI International Expandable 19 Degree Trunk polycarbonate suitcase

Best for: Villanelle, Killing Eve

If there’s one thing we know about Villanelle, it’s that this hitman-with-a-GSOH loves her clothes - especially a poofy dress à la Molly Goddard.

When she’s heading off on her next deadly assignment, what better way to keep her outfits clean from the bloodshed than with TUMI’s expandable trunk, spacious enough for all the tulle she can handle.

Even better, since we all know she has a penchant for hiding inside a suitcase, this expandable case could make that arduous task a little chicer.

Buy now £595.00, Selfridges

TUMI 19 Degree Aluminium Suitcase (66cm)

Best for: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Whether they’re using it as a shield whilst under siege from their respective secret employers, or even when they’re busy attacking each other, the TUMI 19 Degree Aluminium Suitcase will offer all the protection they need with its heavy-duty hard case exterior.

With smart leather accents and contoured angles, they won’t look out of place trying to fit in with their wealthy neighbours, and with two TSA-approved locks, no one will be able to crack the code to their many secrets.

Buy now £1045.00, Harrods