Big Brother 2023 housemates: Who has been evicted?

AJ Odudu and Will Best host the rebooted reality show

Big Brother 2023 line-up (ITV)
Big Brother 2023 line-up (ITV)

Big Brother made an explosive return to British TV screens after a five-year hiatus, and the reboot has so far proved just as popular.

The reality show, which aired for 18 years before being axed in 2018, has been picked up by ITV for not one but two new series fronted by new host duo AJ Odudu and Will Best.

There have been six stars who have been booted out of the series so far, with the latest eviction seeing both Paul and Dylan leave the Big Brother house.

We can't wait to see who will make the final on 17 November later this month. Here is everything you need know about the reboot.

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Big Brother evictions

Dylan - Evicted 6th

Dylan from Big Brother 2023
Dylan was voted out in Big Brother's first double eviction. (ITV)

Dylan, who is an amputee, was voted out in the first double eviction which saw both him and Paul leave in the same episode.

The reality TV personality and DJ proved unpopular after he lashed out at Trish and Noky – accusing them of "Black on Black crime" for secretly nominating him in the Halloween twist.

Previously, Dylan appeared on TV chat show The Last Leg about amputees, two years before he lost his own leg.

Paul - Evicted 5th

Paul in Big Brother 2023
Paul was evicted in the double eviction alongside Dylan. (ITV)

Paul was sent packing his bags in the first double eviction from the Big Brother house.

The security officer, 23, from Liverpool, had sparked outrage when he interrupted Yinrun's party which ended in an explosive row with Trish who called him a "bully" for his behaviour.

The pair later made up before Paul was booted off the show.

Kerry - Evicted 4th

Kerry on Big Brother 2023
Kerry left during the Halloween twist episode (ITV)

Kerry was evicted in the Halloween twist episode after Noky and Trish secretly put her up for the public vote alongside Dylan and Olivia.

The 40-year-old, who has multiple sclerosis, said it was her time to go and has no plans to return to her job as a NHS manager.

She has set her heart on appearing in reality TV again, having previously won £35,000 in Deal or No Deal.

Hallie - Evicted 3rd

Hallie appeared on Big Brother
Hallie appeared on Big Brother (ITV)

With her big personality, Hallie made a huge impact on the house – even though she was in there for a short amount of time.

The youth worker, from London, was the youngest to appear on the show at 18 years old and she said she proudly represented the transgender community.

She was also never shy of controversy in the house. The rising star formed close bonds with both Olivia and Kerry.

Zak - Evicted 2nd

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Zak, a 28-year-old model from Manchester, was the second housemate evicted from Big Brother 2023. (ITV)

Zak, a model from Manchester, became the second housemate sent home after losing a public vote to Henry, a food writer from the Cotswolds.

Originally Zak grew up in the jungle in Thailand and used to collect snakes as a child.

As a model, Zak said some people might judge him but he insisted he is not a "typical model" because he is a "down to earth" kind of guy.

"People assume I’m arrogant but when they actually get to know me I’ve got a lot more to offer," he said.

Farida - evicted 1st

Farida arrives in the Big Brother house
Farida says her headscarf gives her confidence (ITV)

Farida was the first housemate to be evicted after she went head-to-head with Kerry in the public vote.

The news was revealed on Friday during the first live eviction show, where Farida was seen celebrating while leaving the Big Brother house.

Proud of who she is, Farida feels Asian women and Asian culture is underrepresented on TV.

Embracing her headscarf with confidence, she said: "A lot of people think that wearing a headscarf might stop you from having opportunities, whereas for me, it’s been completely the opposite."

Eagle-eyed viewers took to social media to point out Farida had appeared on Blankety Blank and Come Dine With Me before her stint on Big Brother.

Big Brother 2023 cast

A barman, a butcher and an makeup artist lead the housemates this year joining the Big Brother house. The extraverted and bubbly personalities have been revealed at last.

Best had promised a line-up of "real" and "authentic" people - something the show was praised for across social media after its launch. We take a look at all the housemates...


Chanelle enters the Big Brother house, wearing black
Chanelle originally applied as a joke. (ITV)

Age: 29

From: Llanelli

Job: Dental therapist

Chanelle only applied as a joke but she’s excited to have got a spot in the Big Brother house. Now, she's doing it for herself and to make friends for life.

The dental therapist said she wants people to know she has a first class honours degree as people often judge her for her blonde hair.


Henry wears white outfit as he arrives for Big Brother
Henry is a food critic and starring on Big Brother 2023 (ITV)

Age: 25

From: Cotswolds

Job: Food writer

Henry hopes Big Brother will teach him life skills - including how to cook, clean and do the washing!

"These are some big things they don’t teach you at school that I need to learn," he said.

The food critic would love to have his "moment of craziness" on Big Brother.


FBig Brother's Jenkin poses in a shirt and black T shirt
Jenkin reveals he can't keep secrets as he enters Big Brother house (ITV)

Age: 25

From: Bridgend

Job: Barman

Jenkin decided to give Big Brother a "whirl" and most looking forward to meeting new people.

However, the barman is worried he may run into trouble in the house because of talking about others. He said: "I'm not gonna lie. I can't keep secrets, I really struggle."


FJordan shows off his flowery shirt in Big Brother photo
Also entering Big Brother is Jordan who loves flowery shirts

Age: 25

From: Scunthorpe

Job: Lawyer

Jordan applied for the show on a whim but has always been interested in the idea of social experiments.

Admittedly he doesn't like the idea of living with others but Jordan said he wanted to challenge himself.

Notably, the lawyer has a penchant for floral shirts.


Matty jumps in the air as he poses for Big Brother entrance photo
Matty wants to experience everything in life (ITV)

Age: 24

From: Isle of Man

Job: Doctor

Doctor Matty has fond memories of watching the show with his mum while growing up and thought he could see himself fitting in.

Plus, he said: "I want to experience everything before I die and I just thought why not do something mad like this?"


Noky is a beauty queen and making her debut on Big Brother
Noky is a beauty queen (ITV)

Age: 26

From: Derby

Job: Banker

Noky already has some claims to fame as she was crowned the Miss Universe Great Britain 2022.

As a woman working in a male-dominated field of banking, the beauty queen wants to show women are capable of anything they want.

Her friends and family would describe her as opinionated. "I've got something to say about literally everything," she said.


Olivia does a high kick as she poses for Big Brother photos
Olivia is making her debut TV appearance on Big Brother

Age: 23

From: Glasgow

Job: Dancer

Growing up watching Big Brother, Olivia jumped at the chance to star on the show as a housemate when it returned to the small screen.

Friends and family would describe the dancer as loud and confident. She added, "I'm the life and soul of the party."

Interesting fact? The Glasgow-based beauty has a fear of jam.


Yinrun cups her face with her hands and poses for Big Brother promotion picture
Yinrun wants to immerse herself in British culture (ITV)

Age: 25

From: Harrogate

Job: Customer support agent

Originally from China, Yinrun made the move to the UK to change her life. Now, the customer support agent has made Big Brother her next adventure that she hopes will immerse her in British culture.

Yinrun is planning a dream move to a farm with chickens and a puppy, if she wins the show.

Admittedly, she confessed she might get on the other housemates nerves because she snores.


Tom appears on Big Brother in a white shirt and black trousers
Tom wanted to do different from something with his everyday life (ITV)

Age: 21

From: Somerset

Job: Butcher

Tom hopes Big Brother will be great fun as he set his sights on the show because it was different from everyday life.

The butcher likes to think he's funny but admitted he’s not sure everyone would agree. Friends and family would say he is quite chatty and loud.


Trish appears on Big Brother in orange trousers
Trish is doing Big Brother for her young child (ITV)

Age: 33

From: Luton

Job: Mum

Stay at home mum Trish wants to humanise refugees and immigrants with her appearance on the show. She hopes to encourage viewers to look behind the stats and figures and see the “real humans”.

In the piece to camera before entering the house, she declared: "I hate the Tories."

Her biggest motivation to win is to change her "unstable" housing situation for her young child. “It brings me a lot of mum guilt," she said. "It's my biggest incentive."

How to watch Big Brother 2023

ITV's Big Brother reboot reveals its iconic eye logo. (ITV)
ITV's Big Brother reboot reveals its iconic eye logo. (ITV)

The Big Brother house reopened its doors on Sunday, 8 October at 9pm, shown on ITV2 and the streaming platform ITVX, with the launch episode also airing on ITV1.

The show will be followed by Big Brother: Late & Live, a new show with hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best reporting live from outside the Big Brother house for a studio audience and viewers at home.

Big Brother: Late & Live will be the place to be to watch live interviews, see the weekly nomination results and enjoy commentary and debate from celebrity guests.

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Plans for a second series in 2024 are already in the works.

"This is the start of it so watch this space," explained ITV2 controller Paul Mortimer during a visit to the Edinburgh TV Festival. "We have really bought into Big Brother. A lot of us worked on it before [at different channels] and I can't imagine we are in it just to do two six-week runs."

A brief teaser saw Odudu and Best killing time in their trailer, narrated by voiceover that's familiar to any long-time Big Brother fanatic.

ITV confirmed that a popular feature of the original series would return, announcing in July 2023 that "footage from the house will be live streamed into the small hours every night on ITVX after the Big Brother companion show."

Big Brother initially ran on Channel 4 between 2000 and 2010. Based on a format created by Dutch TV tycoon John de Mol, it quickly became one of the most talked-about and controversial shows of the decade and helped to launch the careers of housemates such as Jade Goody, Alison Hammond and Adele Roberts.

AJ Odudu and Will Best
AJ Odudu and Will Best will host Big Brother on ITV2 and ITVX. (Initial TV/ITV)

The reality series moved to Channel 5 in 2011 but was cancelled in 2018 as ratings slumped.

Big Brother's production company said at the time that there were "future possibilities" for more series on UK TV, prompting speculation it could be revived. Channel 5 controller Ben Frow later said he had no regrets about ending the series, adding: "The world is very crowded with reality shows."

Big Brother presenters

AJ Odudu and Will Best behind the scenes at the filming of the new Big Brother promo. (ITV)
AJ Odudu and Will Best behind the scenes at the filming of the new Big Brother promo. (ITV)

ITV's Big Brother reboot will be hosted by AJ Odudu and Will Best, and narrator Marcus Bentley will return return for the series.

Odudu previously co-hosted spin-off show Big Brother's Bit on the Side and was a finalist on Strictly Come Dancing in 2021, while Best is known for fronting talent show Dance Dance Dance on ITV.

The duo will preside over weekly evictions and "quiz" housemates on the events of the day, and front an additional nightly live show debating the topics inside the house.

Odudu, 35, said: "I'm so excited to finally be able to say that, yes: I'm hosting Big Brother! I couldn't be happier.

"Following in the footsteps of some of my favourite broadcasting legends to front such an iconic show is an absolute honour – and to do it alongside my amazing friend Will is the icing on the cake."

Best, 38, said: "I grew up with Big Brother so getting a chance to host it with my mate AJ is a dream come true. I can't wait to tell some housemates not to swear."

During an episode of Good Morning Britain aired just days before Big Brother's ITV return, host Richard Arnold gave viewers a tour of the brand new Big Brother house, providing our first glimpse at its revamped look and furnishings.

Boasting bright colours, leafy walls, hidden mics and even a warm, glowing fake fireplace, the new Big Brother house looks cosier than its predecessor. However, this is only a glimpse into what it has to offer and we're sure there will be more surprises once the series gets going.

Richard Arnold treated GMB viewers to a look at the new Big Brother house. (ITV)
Richard Arnold treated GMB viewers to a look at the new Big Brother house. (ITV)

Davina McCall hosted Big Brother during its stint on Channel 4, but she was replaced by Emma Willis and former housemate Brian Dowling for its run on Channel 5.

Is Celebrity Big Brother coming back?

ITV hasn't ruled out plans for an all-new celebrity edition at a later date, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

The most recent celebrity series was won by former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas in 2018.

Big Brother airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm, excluding Saturdays