Big Brother: Who should be evicted: Farida or Kerry?

Farida and Kerry face eviction on Big Brother 2023. (ITV)
Farida and Kerry face eviction on Big Brother 2023. (ITV)

Big Brother's Farida and Kerry will face eviction on Friday night but who should be evicted from the house?

TV host Will Best confirmed the news live on air on Big Brother: Late & Live after the pair received the most nominations from their housemates this week.

Now as the two housemates go head to head in the eviction, their fate is in the hands of the viewers at home as they face the public vote for the first time.

It is no secret that make-up artist Farida, 50, from Wolverhampton, and NHS manager Kerry, 40, from Essex, have riled up some of their housemates with their big personalities.

Plus, Farida and Kerry have rowed with each other over the shopping task. But who do you think will be the first housemate to leave Big Brother 2023?

As the weeks go on, the Big Brother housemates are battling it out to scoop the £100,000 prize fund.

The favourite to win Big Brother has already been predicted too.

When is the Big Brother eviction?

The Big Brother eviction will take place on Friday, 13 October. It will mark a major milestone for the series as the first live eviction.

Following the big reveal, the evictee will join hosts AJ Odudu and Best for their first live interview on Big Brother: Late & Live at 10pm.

How to vote?

Big Brother fans can vote for this week’s eviction which is now open exclusively on the Big Brother app.

They are asked which housemate they want to evict from the house.

Where has Farida been seen before?

Farida posing for Big Brother
Farida could be voted out of the Big Brother house (ITV)

Farida has already had a brush with fame. It has since come to light that the makeup artist has appeared on two TV shows, Blankety Blank and Come Dine With Me.

The Asian star was only on TV a few weeks ago when she made an appearance on Blankety Blank. This didn't go under the radar as many took to X, formerly known as Twitter to share their thoughts.

Among a sea of comments on social media, people wrote: "Wasn't Farida on Blankety Blank a couple of weeks back?"

"Is it me or was Farida just on Blankety Blank?"

"I knew Farida has been on TV she was in Blankety Blank 3 weeks ago!!"

"OMG Farida was on Blankety Blank the other week."

More viewers pointed out Farida appeared on Come Dine With Me and was convinced she would cook up a storm in the Big Brother house.

Among the viewers, some added on social media: "Farida was definitely on an episode of Come Dine With Me once?"

"Farida will do the cooking as she was on Come Dine With Me Wolverhampton."

"I remember Farida off Come Dine With Me."

Before heading into the Big Brother house, Farida said she feels Asian women and Asian culture is underrepresented on TV.

Embracing her headscarf with confidence, she said: "A lot of people think that wearing a headscarf might stop you from having opportunities, whereas for me, it’s been completely the opposite."

Where has Kerry been seen before?

Kerry poses for Big Brother
Kerry also faces eviction (ITV)

Before Big Brother, Kerry won a cash prize on a reality TV show.

The NHS manager, who has multiple sclerosis, appeared on Deal or No Deal where she won a £35,000 cash prize.

The NHS manager admitted she only hasn’t applied to Big Brother before because the stairs to get into the house always seemed "unachievable", having spent the first three years of her illness in a wheelchair.

Who received immunity from the vote?

Olivia posing from Big Brother
Olivia was immune from the Big Brother eviction this week (ITV)

Glasgow-based Olivia won immunity from the vote this week.

The first show saw the reality star incredibly disappointed when Jenkins said she was the most annoying housemate during a Big Brother task, not long after they had met for the first time.

At first, Olivia was distraught and appeared unconsolable until she was ushered into the Big Brother diary room and given a task.

Big Brother tasked Olivia with ensuring she was not voted the least entertaining housemate during a group activity.

During her secret mission, the dancer pulled out all the stops to be entertaining for her housemates, including singing Scottish songs.

It was a success as food writer Henry placed Olivia quite high up in his ranking of the most entertaining housemates.

Big Brother then revealed her secret task to the rest of the housemates and made her immune from this week’s vote.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX on Friday at 9pm

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