Big Swig: Man Runs Into Garage Door While Attempting to Chug Sparkling Water Without Burping

A Georgia man went viral after he filmed himself running into his garage door after trying to chug a can of sparkling water without burping on May 1.

In the video, which has amassed over 1.6 million likes on TikTok, Cade Tarchick asks viewers if “[your man] can chug a sparkling water and not burp?” before proceeding to quickly chug a can of fizzy water, aggressively spit it out, belch loudly, and ram his head into the garage door.

“It’s like drinking straight TV static,” Tarchick wrote in the video’s caption.

While Tarchick wrote that he “went brain dead for a second” in the comments section of the video and confirmed with Storyful that his head “really hurt” after filming the video, he said he has since recovered.

Cade Tarchick has posted numerous other comedic videos to his TikTok page, including another one attempting a similar sparkling water challenge. Credit: Cade Tarchick via Storyful

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