Bill Roache believes in 'youthing'

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Bill Roache doesn't feel his age credit:Bang Showbiz
Bill Roache doesn't feel his age credit:Bang Showbiz

Bill Roache believes ageing "is a belief system".

The 90-year-old soap legend - who has played 'Coronation Street's Ken Barlow for over 60 years - claimed doctors have assessed him as having the body of a man 25 years younger, and credited his belief in "youthing" for retaining great health and a younger-looking appearance.

He is quoted by the Daily Star Sunday newspaper as saying: “The first thing we need to do is to accept that ageing is a belief system and we do not have to accept it.

“Decline is not inevitable. I continue to drive myself to work, for example, and everywhere else.

“ITV has very kindly offered to send a car to pick me up, and I may accept sometime, but for now I am very happy to drive myself.

“I had a health check not long ago that gave me the body age of 65.

“I will be happy when I see that age going down. Then I will know I really am ‘youthing’.

"I am looking forward to being a centenarian in perfect health.”

The veteran actor was baffled that "quite a big deal" was made out of him celebrating his 90th birthday recently.

He said: “I am obviously very pleased about this, but the celebration of longevity is a clear indication that the ageing process is generally seen as a decline.

“The truth, as I see it, is very different. The human body was created as a vehicle for the soul in the physical world.

“It is there for the soul’s use for as long as it is required, with the cells rejuvenating to keep it in prime condition.”

Meanwhile, Bill recently admitted he used to "really fancy" Queen Elizabeth.

He said: "I’ve met the queen eight times. I first met her when I was 21 and I was in the Army and we had the day with her which was very nice.

"I really fancied her! I don’t know if that’s heresy but she was very attractive."

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