Bill Turnbull Is Leaving BBC Breakfast After Fifteen Years

After waking up the nation for the last fifteen years, BBC Breakfast anchor, Bill Turnbull, has announced that he will be leaving the show so that he can focus on his “neglected bees”.

We mean, we’d go for a Mediterranean cruise or something a little more exotic, but each to their own, eh?

Speaking to The Mirror, Bill also admitted that he wanted to wave goodbye to his 3.20am wake up calls, explaining: “I agreed to come North [to Salford] for two years, and it went so well I agreed to do another two years.

“That is coming to an end - by that time I will have been doing the show for nearly fifteen years, which is more than enough for me and the audience.

“So it is a good time to call it a day and do something else. It was a long term decision.”

Discussing the early starts, the 59 year old added: “You get hardened to it and I have done it thousands of times and it still never gets any easier.

“When the alarm doesn’t go off I still wake up at four or five, still early and that is because it is ingrained. I will have to train myself out of it.”

The presenter joined the show way back in 2001, starting out as the weekend host.

However, he was so fab that he soon became the main weekday anchor in 2008 and is now the longest-running BBC host to date.

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Speaking about his plans after BBC Breakfast, Bill shared: “I have been neglecting my bees for far too long. They are on a farm, they were going to come up here to the Lakes where we live but it was too windy.

“They are down in Buckinghamshire, I don’t see them very often but they don’t seem to mind! I haven’t been able to keep chickens for a few years, so all these things will take up time.”

Well, there is no doubt that the bees will be happy to have their keeper back but we will certainly be sad to say goodbye.

Have a good rest, Bill - you deserve it.