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A birds eye view – stunning collection of images show bridges from above

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco – Total height is 746 ft (227.4 m). (Photo: Jassen Todorov/Caters News)

Bird’s-eye view: A stunning collection of images shows bridges from above

Jassen Todorov, an award-winning photographer from San Francisco, has collected hundreds of images of iconic bridges from around the world.

Among the highlights of his collection, Jassen has captured the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and London’s Tower Bridge, which dates from 1894.

He has also captured the Seven Mile Bridge connecting South Florida with the Florida Keys, the Glen Canyon Bridge in Arizona (one of the highest bridges in the U.S.), the Jubilee Parkway in Alabama (one of the longest in the U.S.), and the historic Old and New Vicksburg Bridges over the Mississippi River.

Jassen says, “Photographing bridges from above is an ongoing project of mine. I find it very exciting and fascinating to fly over these marvels of engineering.” (Caters News)

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