The Birmingham 'rite of passage' free attraction that celebrities can't resist

View from Waters Edge in Brindleyplace
View from Waters Edge in Brindleyplace with Black Sabbath Bridge beyond -Credit:Martin O'Callaghan / BirminghamLive

It seems to come as a surprise to visitors when they arrive in the city for the first time, but anyone who walks through the town, by day or night, knows just how beautiful so much of it is. As such, there are tons of photo opportunities for visitors - just look at this picture gallery.

However, there's one spot that seems to draw a real mix of visitors, from Michael Buble to WWE wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura, Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta and almost every musician that plays at the Utilita Arena, including those who perform with the likes of Lionel Richie and Slash. It's considered a rite of passage for touring bands and it's the place Ozzy Osbourne says he's hoping to get to next time he arrives in Birmingham.

The Black Sabbath Bridge and bench on Broad Street that stretches over the canal is an attraction that's out in the open, free to visit and perfect for photos. Because it's just a little walk along the cut from the arena that hosts gigs, sporting events, shows and more, it's become a spot where celebrities flock. Ozzy said he's going to go even if he 'has to crawl' there.

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The bridge, dedicated to heavy metal band back in 2019, spans the pretty waterway (particularly gorgeous at night when it reflects the pretty lights along the canal) and is topped with a bench where you can sit and pay tribute to members Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitarist), Geezer Butler (bassist) and Bill Ward (drummer).

In a recorded conversation with wife Sharon this week, Ozzy thanked the Westside BID for the bench. He said: "It's an achievement. Black Sabbath comes from Birmingham and I can't thank them enough."

Michael Bublé posing on the Black Sabbath Bridge
Michael Bublé posing on the Black Sabbath Bridge -Credit:Michael Bublé/Instagram

Sharon asked the Ozzy: "Did you ever think at any time, in your hometown, there's be a bench with huge pictures of Black Sabbath on?" to which the star replied: "Never. It's fantastic!"

Ozzy added that he didn't go into Birmingham city centre much, when he was young, remembering times in Aston and saying he visited 'only on special occasions'. That said, he added he had grand plans to get there.

Sharon asked when. Ozzy said: "When I go and see the Bull! We're going to have a couple of days. There are some nice boutique hotels in Birmingham... and beer! I'll be coming up very soon."

Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler visited the bridge in 2019 as part of a dedication ceremony. Now heavy metal musicians that look up to the idols swing by to take photographs on the dedicated bench.