Bob Mortimer says he’s ‘at risk of over 20 cancers’ after weight gain

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Bob Mortimer discovered he’s at risk of  several cancers during filming of his new series Gone Fishing  (Getty Images)
Bob Mortimer discovered he’s at risk of several cancers during filming of his new series Gone Fishing (Getty Images)

Bob Mortimer has revealed he is at a high risk of over 20 cancers due to his weight gain in the new series of Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing.

The 63-year-old notes his high risk levels in upcoming scenes from the show, which airs Friday September 9, as he declares he is on a “mission” to decrease his 102cm waist size for health reasons.

Mortimer discovered his cancer risk with co-presenter Paul Whitehouse, after they had compared waist sizes following a study they came across predicting risk of the disease in relation to height and weight.

In scenes obtained by The Mirror, Mortimer explained: “We looked into it because we wondered a little bit, but it was true 22 cancers come onto the table if, as a fella, your waist is over 102cm, and it’s less if you’re Asian, 96 If you’re Asian.”

After learning that he measures 104cm at the waist, Mortimer said: “I am going to make it my mission to get under 102!”

This revelation comes seven years after Mortimer had major heart surgery after his heart stopped for 32 minutes.

The comedian went for the operation in 2015 after discovering that 95% of his arteries had been blocked prior.

Whitehouse has also suffered serious heart problems, leading the TV duo to make a point of acknowledging the importance of staying healthy on their new show.

Mortimer had to cancel the first part of his comedy tour with longtime partner Vic Reeves in 2015 in order to recover from his heart surgery.

A spokesperson for Mortimer said at the time: “Bob would like to thank his consultant and all the nursing staff at the hospital for looking after him so well.

“He now needs several weeks to fully recover, so unfortunately the first leg of the UK tour will be cancelled.”

The comedian confessed to falling back into an unhealthy routine during the coronavirus lockdown as he discussed his fears his life will be cut short as a result.

The Would I Lie to You? star said: “I’ve done no exercise; I’ve eaten so much and drunk so much booze. Lockdown has probably taken two years off of my life.”

Speaking about his new series, Mortimer told The Mirror: “It’s probably the prettiest, most breath-taking in terms of the places that we visit and we visit the most interesting accommodation.

“We don’t catch many fish but those that we catch are spectacular.

“I think this series is actually a little bit more joyous and funnier than some earlier episodes.”