Bobby Davro ‘kicked in the stomach’ during car park fight over ex-wife Trudi Jameson

Amy West
Bobby Davro was victim to a violent assault after he tried to break up a verbal fight between his ex-wife Trudi Jameson and an unidentified woman (Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Bobby Davro has claimed he was dragged into a violent altercation when he stepped in to defend his ex-wife Trudi Jameson from an argumentative woman and her partner in a car park in Cobham, Surrey recently.

The television personality and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant opened up about the incident to The Sun, explaining how he was picking Jameson up from a business lunch at Ivy Brasserie when “the two women bumped into each other and [started] having words. 

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He went on to describe how the unidentified woman and Jameson were shouting profanities at one another when the former was joined by a man who quickly turned physical when Davro tried to defuse the public disagreement. 

“This very aggressive character took things way too far and [the men] ended up pushing and shoving. I tried to trip him up because I thought he was about to headbutt me but he managed to knock me down and kicked me in the stomach.

“I was winded, Davro continued. “It was a dangerous, cowardly thing to do and my ex panicked and called the police – it was ridiculous. I have no idea why it all blew up. [I] still can’t believe I got caught up in one her rows.”

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Davro and Jameson divorced in 2003 after ten years of marriage. They have three daughters together; Brittany, 24, Tierney, 21, and Marnie, 19.

While it remains unclear as to what provoked the escalated scuffle, it is believed that the two women know each other. It has been alleged by sources at The Sun that the woman who was seen in a verbal fisticuffs with Jameson is called Dee, while the man involved in the attack is reported to be a second hand car dealer named Stefan.