Botched nose job leaves woman with implant sticking out between her EYES


A woman has shared pictures of a botched nose job that left a silicone implant protruding from between her EYES.

The unnamed woman, from Thailand’s southern city of Hat Yai, reportedly opted for a cheap rhinoplasty operation in the hope of a more pronounced nose.

But after the surgery, the woman is said to have begun suffering from infections and inflammation and the silicone implant began to reveal itself at the top of her nose, between her eyes.

Botched – the woman was left with a silicone implant sticking out between her eyes (Pictures: AsiaWire)

According to reports, the unnamed clinic in Hat Yai where she had the surgery refused to help her, saying it “took no responsibility” for her condition.

The woman is said to have been helped by a plastic surgery hospital hospital near Bangkok, which provided her with pro bono treatment to have the implant removed.


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Pictures of her botched surgery have since gone viral on social media, with cosmetic surgery clinics sharing them as a warning.

It is not known whether the woman plans to take legal action against the clinic that carried out the original operation.