Brent Cobb: Country artist performs Music Box session with songs from new album Providence Canyon

Country artist Brent Cobb is the latest to star in Music Box season 4, with a sublime performance co-starring his longtime touring pal "Big Mike" Harris.

He released his debut, Grammy-nominated album Shine On Rainy Day in 2017, and followed it up this year with the critically-acclaimed Providence Canyon.

For his Music Box session, Brent performed "Lorene" and "Ain't A Road Too Long" from Providence Canyon, and at special request, "Black Crow" from Shine On Rainy Day.

The Independent said of Brent's latest album: "Providence Canyon is more muscular than its predecessor and, for the most part, a heck of a lot of fun: an 11-song LP recorded in Nashville with Cobb's Grammy-winning producer/cousin Dave Cobb."

"[Brent] Cobb doesn't once waver on this record when it comes to the authenticity of his writing," the review added. "There's no posturing; he writes what he knows, and he knows a lot about the South."

Watch Brent's Music Box session (above) and make sure you check out his album, Providence Canyon, which is out now.

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