Britannia: Cast, locations and 3 other things you need to know

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch

Get ready to be transported to pre-Roman Britain, a land of disparate and violent tribes that’s about to be changed forever by an army with a civilising mission.

With Sky Atlantic's new series Britannia set to arrive on screens, here’s everything you need to know about the new fantasy series.

1. It’s about the Roman invasion of Britain in 43AD

Granted, at first it seems an unlikely premise for a drama but with bloody invasions, family disputes and controversial marital alliances, there’s plenty of fodder for gripping weeknight viewing.

Britannia follows the attempts of the Roman imperial army to conquer the Celtic heart of ancient Britain.

Unrecogonisable: Mackenzie Crook as druid Veran

But the army isn’t prepared for what it finds – a land in the grip of warrior women and druids.

Not that General Aulus, the man in charge of leading the invasion is easily deterred.

2. It stars the Walking Dead’s David Morrissey as General Aulus

It seems Morrissey is never happier than when portraying a ruthless, calculating leader. In the Walking Dead it was The Governor, but here he’s Emporer Claudius’ finest military mind General Aulus.

He’s supported in the cast by Kelly Reilly (Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes) as clanswoman Kerra, Mackenzie Crook (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean) is unrecognisable in bizarre prosthetics as druid Veran and Zoe Wanamaker (Harry Potter, Girlfriends) as the fearsome Queen Antedia.

3. It’s been touted as a rival to Game of Thrones

It was inevitable that with fantasy threads and a historical setting, Britannia would be compared to that other major mystical series, Game of Thrones.

While the cast of the new Sky Atlantic series is at pains to differentiate itself from the series, which also airs on Sky Atlantic, critics haven’t, and unfortunately the comparison hasn’t been terribly favourable for the new series in initial reviews.

4. It was filmed in the Czech Republic and Wales

In order to create the feel not just of a Celtic Britain, but a mystic one, producers headed to the Czech Republic and Wales where they created spectacular sets including a recreation of Stone Henge in Czech village Morinka.

5. It’s available to watch in its entirety on Now TV

If you prefer to binge-watch your dramas then Sky Atlantic has you covered and has made all episodes of Britannia available to watch on Now TV from Thursday, January 18.

However, if you’d rather catch it the old-fashioned way, the series will unfold in weekly instalments starting the same date on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.