British man makes statement with 'Stop Brexit' roadtrip map across Europe

<em>Statement – Andy Pardy said he wanted to make a statement on Brexit (Pictures: Andy Pardy)</em>
Statement – Andy Pardy said he wanted to make a statement on Brexit (Pictures: Andy Pardy)

A British man has found an imaginative way to voice his views on Brexit – writing a message across Europe using a mapping app.

Andy Pardy is spending three months travelling across 32 European countries in a van following a carefully-planned route that spells the words: “Stop Brexit”.

The 28-year-old has already written the ‘S’, ‘T’ and ‘O’ of ‘Stop’ and is currently close to the most northern part of Norway, which forms part of the ‘P’.

After that he will head south and spell Brexit backwards, finishing his trip in Spain in October.

Speaking to Yahoo News UK from Norway, he said: “I have been frustrated over the last couple of years, I felt powerless and I haven’t been pleased with the way the debate’s going. I just wanted to do something, make a statement, and also do something for myself.”

Andy said he had come up with the plan while out running and using his app and decided it would be the perfect way to spell out a message “using Europe as a canvas”.


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Andy said when he first told his friends and family what he planned they thought he was a “bit crazy” but had come round to the idea and, bar a few trolls, he said people’s reactions had been “overwhelmingly supportive”.

“Even if it doesn’t achieve anything with the debate it’s a personal experience for me so it’s a win-win,” he said.

<em>Canvas – Andy said he decided to use Europe as a ‘blank canvas’ to spell out his message (Picture: Andy Pardy)</em>
Canvas – Andy said he decided to use Europe as a ‘blank canvas’ to spell out his message (Picture: Andy Pardy)

He added: “I don’t play an expert and I don’t necessarily understand all the intricacies of the debate but I decided to focus on freedom of movement because I lived and worked in Madrid for a few years and really benefited from it.

“Obviously we don’t know what way the debate will go but I think it’s sad that it could be affected. The whole point is to highlight the benefits as they stand.”

Andy said he also plans to offset his carbon footprint from the epic trip.

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