British pub offers punters discount if they lock away their phones

Hatty Collier
A pub in Wales is offering a discount if customers agree to lock away their phones: Shutterstock / Syda Productions

A British pub is offering customers a discount off their food bill if they agree to give up their phones.

The Fat Boar in Wrexham, Wales, has started giving punters 25 per cent off if they hand in their phones for their 'Mobile Free Monday' initiative each week.

Phones are locked in cash boxes on tables and pub workers keep hold of the keys.

The pub has started running the offer to encourage people to talk more rather than looking at their phones.

Rich Watkin, who is the pub’s director, told the BBC: “Mobiles can often be a real distraction and stop us from just sitting among family and friends and simply having a good conversation and that's why I came up with the idea."

The scheme could also be rolled out at the pub’s sister restaurant in Mold if it is successful.

The pub’s restaurant manageress Jade Darlington said encouraging people to put their phones down and concentrate solely on one another was a “really positive thing.”