Brothers J.J. Watt, Derek Watt, T.J. Watt will accomplish rare NFL feat when Steelers play Texans

Liz Roscher
·2-min read

When the Houston Texans take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, there will be three members of the Watt family on the field.

J.J. Watt, defensive end for the Texans, will be playing his brothers, fullback Derek Watt and linebacker TJ Watt, who are both members of the Steelers.

It’s rare for three brothers to be in the NFL, and it’s even rarer for them to all meet on the same field. When the clock starts Sunday, it will be just the second time since 1927 that three brothers will play each other in the same game. It happened in 2019 when Tremaine Edmunds, Terrell Edmunds, and Trey Edmunds met when the Buffalo Bills played the Steelers. Before that, it hadn’t happened since 1927 when Joe Rooney, Cobb Rooney and Bill Rooney all played for the Duluth Eskimos.

J.J. posted a picture Sunday on Twitter to commemorate the momentous occasion. And even then, they couldn’t stop competing with each other.

All three brothers attended Wisconsin, but they never all played together. Earlier this past week, J.J. spoke to the media about how excited he was for all three Watt boys to be on the same NFL field.

“It’s unbelievable. It truly is incredible,” Watt said. “Just to have all of us playing at Wisconsin was really cool. Just to have all of us playing in the NFL was really cool. To play against another brother was cool. Now to have all of us on the field at the same time in the same game, it really doesn’t get any better than that.”

Even though they’ve apparently considered a number of different ways to sneak in, parents John and Connie Watt won’t be able to watch the game in person due to COVID-19 restrictions. They’ll be watching from home and wearing some custom togs: shirts with a mashup of the Texans and Steelers logos.

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