The Buckleys On The Strictly Curse

The Buckley's -Inbetweeners star James Buckley & his wife Clair, talk about his fear of the Strictly Curse

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Video transcript

JAMES BUCKLEY: I don't want the "Strictly" curse to come.

KATE THORNTON: Would you do "Strictly," Clair?

CLAIR BUCKLEY: I don't see that in the cards for me. But you're talking about the "Strictly" curse as in, I'll fall in love with the guy that I'm dancing with? Is that what you mean?

JAMES BUCKLEY: Yeah, some handsome dancer John-Travolta-type guy?

CLAIR BUCKLEY: Oh, well, I mean, young John Travolta--

JAMES BUCKLEY: If it were-- exactly. Right, you're not doing it, sorry.

KATE THORNTON: And those ripped dancers.

JAMES BUCKLEY: No. I could be ripped. I could be ripped.

CLAIR BUCKLEY: Yeah, but--

JAMES BUCKLEY: I choose not to be.

CLAIR BUCKLEY: Yeah. I keep-- is that what it is?


CLAIR BUCKLEY: I keep explaining to James, like, the quintessential muscly, you know, handsome--


CLAIR BUCKLEY: --dancer-- no, that's not my type.

JAMES BUCKLEY: Yeah. That's supposed to make me feel better?


I don't like good-looking blokes. You know that. Ah, yeah. Thanks.