Businesses submerged and roads damaged as flash floods hit parts of Wales

Parts of south Wales have been hit by flash floods over the last few days. It has seen a number of businesses affected by flooding while certain roads have been waterlogged.

It comes amid yellow and amber Met Office weather warnings for adverse weather conditions across the country. On Wednesday the agency issued an amber weather warning for rain affecting north Wales until Thursday.

It came while another yellow weather warning for rain was already in place for the majority of Wales for more than 29 hours running from 12.15am on Wednesday until 6am on Thursday.

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Since Saturday people in south Wales have reported sudden and torrential downpours in Hengoed, Ystrad Mynach, Pontypridd, Merthyr Tydfil, and Llanharan. Businesses have reported having to shut or work hard to push water out to avoid lasting damage while motorists have seen popular routes completely submerged.

Nertan Yavus is a manager at Fountain Fish Bar in Lower High Street in Merthyr Tydfil. The 28-year-old described how the business was closed for three hours on Tuesday afternoon due to flooding.

He said on Wednesdat: "It came on very quickly. There was lots of water in the shop. We had to shut the shop for three hours to clean it. We had to push all the water outside with a brush then I got a big fan to help it dry faster and a mop. We were able to open today but it did cause us an electrical problem. We were able to sort that out this morning. I've been at this shop for 10 years and this has happened around three times. The last time it happened was in 2022."

Water inside Fountain Fish Bar as staff clean it up
Flooding inside Fountain Fish Bar -Credit:Fountain Fish Bar
Flooding in Lower High Street in Merthyr Tydfil
The view ouside the chip shop -Credit:Fountain Fish Bar

Kevin Fletcher had caught the train to Hengoed train station on Tuesday afternoon. He captured "frightening" video footage which appears to show parts of the road crumbling due to heavy rain water.

The 60-year-old said: "I got off the train at 4.30pm but I had to stay on the platform undercover for 25 minutes because the rain was so bad and I didn't want to get wet. The rain was torrential – it's one of the worst short periods of rain I've seen for a long, long time. It just kept coming down.

"When I left I walked around the corner to go under the railway bridge and I saw that half the road was across the street. It's the first time I've seen the road [affected] by rain like that anywhere. My first impression was it was a bit frightening. I'm 60 and I've never seen a road come up like that in my life. It must have only just happened when I saw it.

"At the bottom of the road I saw three or four large bits of concrete from the road at the bottom of the hill – it must have washed down the hill. Later I popped up to Tesco and could see barriers around it."

Cracked road surface with water bubbling
Water pressure appears to have damaged the road surface near Hengoed train station -Credit:Kevin Fletcher
Pengam Road submerged in water
Scenes in Pengam Road on Tuesday -Credit:Susanne Evans

Pengam Road in Ystrad Mynach – just before the roundabout near Tesco – was also submerged in water on Tuesday. Footage shared on social media shows cars navigating the route almost tyre-deep in water. "It happens two or three times a year whenever there is heady rain," Kevin added.

This week follows a weekend of contrasting conditions. Saturday morning was warm and sunny before flash floods were reported in certain areas. Hope Rescue dog centre in Llanharry Road was one of those unfortunately affected.

An urgent appeal was issued on the charity's Facebook page on Saturday for towels and blankets while dogs were relocated to a dry and safe facility. Speaking to WalesOnline on Wednesday Stuart McCarthy-Thompson, marketing and communications manager, said: "When we have extreme weather events like that the guttering in that area can't cope so water comes in and it takes time to clear away. Luckily we have facilities so we can move the dogs to a different part of the kennel.

"We were absolutely overwhelmed with kindness. Within a few minutes [of the appeal] there were people queueing down the road. It hasn't stopped either – we even had people donating on Tuesday. We also had people out of the local area putting in orders on Amazon for us so they could be delivered. Ikea in Cardiff even donated 1,700 tea towels. When we are really up against it it's really heartening that so many people came forward to help."

Floodwater at the entrance of a supermarket
Sainsbury's stayed open as usual -Credit:Jonathan Holcroft
Flooded kennels in Hope Rescue
Hope Rescue in Llanharan -Credit:Hope Rescue

A Sainsbury's spokeswoman also confirmed minor flooding at the Pontypridd store which briefly affected the front entrance. Jonathan Holcroft shared footage of the scene, which showed water gushing through the front entrance. The 41-year-old said: "We went to the cash machine and then turned around and it was raining torrentially. We were waiting in the under layer of Sainsbury's and filmed the rain. There was also hail in the rain.

"Me and my dad were waiting to go outside so we thought we would just sit and wait near the doors when all of a sudden the water started coming through the doors. It happened within a few minutes."

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: “One of the entrances to our Pontypridd store was briefly affected by the extreme weather. This was quickly cleared and the store remained open as usual.”