Caitlyn Jenner announces she would 'come after' Trump and run for president

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Caitlyn Jenner has announced that she would “seriously look at a run” to be the next president of the United States and “will come after” Donald Trump, following the celebrity billionaire’s appointment to office last year.

Caitlyn Jenner will challenge Donald Trump’s presidency (PA)

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“My loyalties are not with Donald Trump,” she said at the 92nd Street Y community center in New York City Tuesday.

The Olympic gold medalist told a crowd that she is considering where she could be more effective for the American people and whether she should work on the inside of government or continue work on her foundation.

Caitlyn, 67, revealed that in her role as a public speaker she has often been urged by fans to run for office, telling the crowd: “I’ve got way too many skeletons in my closet. Or would I be better working from the inside. If that is the case… I would seriously look at a run. It just depends where I could be more effective.”

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star – who was known as Bruce Jenner before her surgery to become a woman – vowed to come after Trump and his party if he ever attacked her community.

“I will come after him and come after Republicans if they come after my community. I’ve got a voice and they better listen, OK? I will come after them,” CNN reports.

Caitlyn and her daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner (Photo: Caitlyn Jenner via Instagram)

Now that’s what we call fighting talk. Would you vote for Caitlyn Jenner to be president of the United States?

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