Caitlyn Jenner Writes Emotional New Blog Post Following Transgender Teen Suicide

After giving a powerful speech at the EPSYs, which impacted audiences’ worldwide; Caitlyn Jenner has now stepped up to address the escalating issue of transgender teenage suicides in a new blog post titled ‘One Tremendous Problem’.

“It’s not because trans people are somehow inherently unstable — it’s because we live in a world that makes it very, very difficult to be trans,” Jenner said.

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This particular blog post is dedicated to the mother of transgender teenager Kyler Prescott, who tragically took his own life earlier this summer.

She describes Kyler, who appeared in the premiere of her show, I Am Cait, as “a 14-year-old trans boy who not only dealt with trans issues, but also suffered from severe depression. Sadly, he wasn’t able to make it between the combination of the two.”

Caitlyn recalls the moment that she met Kyler’s mother, who was in complete support of the changes that he was undergoing, “She loved and supported her trans child in so many ways, including getting Kyler’s name and gender marker legally changed.”

Kyler’s mother, Katharine, was then invited to share her emotional story on the blog to help to raise awareness of the serious issues that are circulating in the transgender community.

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She reflects on her son’s life, describing him as a person that “had a lot of friends” but faced difficulties with adults and felt confused over the lack of understanding in society. She urges people to be more considerate, writing, “Even something as simple as using the pronoun that the trans kid asks you to use is so important and can make such a big difference in that kid’s life.”

Katharine also shared her fears over the lack of support that transgender children might be receiving from their parents and pleads with them to “get on board with what their kid is telling them”.

Caitlyn and Katharine hope to initiate changes that could potentially help to reduce suicide rates for this demographic, which Cait identified as a serious point of concern, “A recent study of nearly 100 transgender youth, ages 12 to 24, found that 51% reported thinking about suicide, while 30% had attempted it at least once in their lives,” she wrote.

Katherine concluded, “The tragic part of Kyler’s story is that even though his family fully supported him 100% and beyond, it ended in suicide. I can live with myself now because I know he knew how much I loved and supported him." 

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with the Prescott family during this difficult time.