Calvin Harris asks fans to choose his new Twitter photo - instantly regrets it

You’d think that any superstar would be spoilt for choice when it came to choosing a new profile pic for their social media pages.

Whilst us mere mortals have to hastily scroll through snaps from various nights out or holidays abroad, the stars are able to choose from any of their sexy and sultry photoshoots, not to mention the abundance of flattering pap pics.

Still, searching for a new snap was too much effort for Calvin Harris, and he decided to ask his dedicated Twitter followers to help him choose what his new pic should be – instantly regretting the whole thing.

Needless to say, Calvin was soon inundated with a variety of hilarious throwbacks of him at festivals at the start of his career; when he was arguably yet to hire a  decent stylist.

Alongside the adorable old pics, Calv was also sent photos of himself with his ex, Taylor Swift, who he bitterly split with earlier this year, and screenshots of the moment that he stagecrashed Jedward on The X Factor all those years ago.

In short, it’s safe to say that his fans well and truly delivered:


To be fair to the Scottish musician, he did take the fans’ replies in good humour, replying to many of the old pics with laughter but asking for something “more recent” before settling on an, erm, brilliant piece of fan art:

Never change, Calvin, never change.