There can be more than one reality, mind-boggling experiment proves

Rob Waugh
Reality isn’t quite as simple as you think (Getty)

In some situations, there can be more than one reality, and more than one answer – and all of them are real, science has shown.

But don’t worry: you’re not going to wake up tomorrow and find out that two plus two equals five, as the ‘realities’ exist at the tiny quantum level.

But it’s certainly extremely strange, showing that two observers can come to different conclusions about the energy state of a light particle (a photon) and both are right.

Martin Ringbauer of the University of Innsbrück said, ‘You can verify both of them.’

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The researchers wrote, ‘In quantum mechanics, the objectivity of observations is not so clear, most dramatically exposed in Eugene Wigner’s eponymous thought experiment where two observers can experience fundamentally different realities.

Ringbauer’s experiment used two linked experiments with ‘entangled’ photons – and different observers.

His team found that different observers could come to different conclusions – and both be right.

The researchers wrote, ‘While observer-independence has long remained inaccessible to empirical investigation, recent no-go-theorems construct an extended Wigner’s friend scenario with four entangled observers that allows us to put it to the test.’

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