Carol Vorderman criticised by MP Lee Anderson over Tory jibes

The former Countdown star has not been a fan of the government of late

British TV personality Carol Vorderman arrives on the second day of the Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse, in Cheltenham, western England on March 15, 2023. (Photo by Glyn KIRK / AFP) (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)
Carol Vorderman has been feuding with Lee Anderson. (Getty Images)

Carol Vorderman has felt the wrath of controversial Tory MP Lee Anderson after her frequent criticism of the government.

Anderson, who was recently made deputy chair of the Conservative Party, appeared on GB News and made his feelings about Vorderman perfectly clear.

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He called the former Countdown star a "failing B [list] celebrity" and claimed her criticism of the government was her "trying to look relevant".

Lee Anderson, Member of Parliament for Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. 19th January 2023.
Lee Anderson has told Carol Vorderman to 'act her age'. (Alamy)

Anderson also made light of Vorderman's age, saying "she should get her bus pass out and go and enjoy life" instead of attacking the government on Twitter.

Anderson then addressed Vorderman directly: "Look, if she’s watching tonight I say to Carol, if you’re so convinced that socialism works and we’re so nasty let’s see socialism in practice.

"You’ve got plenty of money, give it all away to the poor people in the country and prove that you are a proper caring socialist like you claim you are”.

He added: “But you’re not, you’re just a hypocrite who jumps on any bandwagon that comes along.”

Vorderman has recently been critical of Conservative politicians who do not highlight what political party they belong to in their Twitter bio.

She tweeted: "Lee Anderson, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party who doesn't tell us which party he is the 'deputy chairman' of," making light of Anderson's bio at the time which just said he was an MP for Ashfield.

Prime Minister David Cameron appears on the BBC1's The Andrew Marr show in Birmingham with newspaper reviewer Carol Vorderman, ahead of the start of this year's Annual Conservative Party Conference.   (Photo by Stefan Rousseau/PA Images via Getty Images)
Carol Vorderman previously advised David Cameron on education policy. (PA Images via Getty Images)

In recent months, Vorderman has been a vocal critic of the government despite previously working as an education tsar for David Cameron.

Vorderman recently tweeted: “Of the last four Tory prime ministers ONLY Rishi Sunak mentions that he is Conservative. Liz Truss – no mention of Conservative. Boris Johnson – no mention of Conservative. Theresa May – no mention of Conservative. How ashamed of their party are they?”

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