Castleford man jailed after posting antisemitic views on Facebook

A Castleford man who posted antisemitic comments on Facebook has been jailed.

Neil Lloyd, 61, of St Andrews Road pleaded guilty last month to publishing written material, namely Facebook posts, which were threatening, abusive or insulting, and in doing so intended to stir up racial hatred, or having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up.

Leeds Crown Court heard that on October 20 last year, West Yorkshire Police acted on information that Lloyd was posting deeply offensive, and harmful, antisemitic content and threats on Facebook. The account was identifiable by his name and profile picture.

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Lloyd was arrested from his home on the same day and items associated with his antisemitic views were recognisable. He was interviewed by police and admitted the offending Facebook profile and posts were his. He also admitted the items at the property were his and had been collected over the years.

He was jailed for 15 months. Head of Counter Terrorism Policing North East, Detective Chief Superintendent, James Dunkerley, said: “The quick response of local officers from West Yorkshire Police is commendable.

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"We routinely work together with local policing in order to swiftly apprehend and prosecute those demonstrating racist and disgusting views’.

“I would urge the public to report any concerning online material that they come across to the national Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) hosted by Counter Terrorism Policing.

"This unit contains specialist officers who assess online material to determine its nature and whether it breaches any legislation, requires further investigation, or highlights any further concerns. If any extremist content is identified, then the unit takes steps to get it removed by the host website or platform."