Catalonia Police Sprayed With Paint During Barcelona Demonstration

Paint was sprayed in the direction of Catalonia police in Barcelona on May 25 after approximately 100 protesters opposing an eviction gathered in the Poble-sec district, according to reports.

Footage from the incident was captured and posted on Twitter by local video journalist Adrian Sanchez Berger.

According to Catalan News, “riot police were sent by a judge” to carry out the eviction.

Three police officers were “slightly injured” in the clashes, Publico reported.

When police broke the lock to enter the building, there was no one inside and the dwelling was returned to the legal representative of the property, the report said.

Local news reported that activists said the building, at 38 Carrer de Lleida, used to be social housing, but was then bought by a so-called vulture fund named Vauras Investment that has been evicting residents in order to remodel the flats and sell them “at an exaggerated price.” Credit: Adrian Sanchez Berger via Storyful

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