Celebrities reveal their favorite Ariana Grande album & react to 'eternal sunshine'

Michaela Jae Rodriguez Chris Olsen Ariana Grande
Michaela Jae Rodriguez Chris Olsen Ariana Grande

True story... these stars love Ariana!


Well, it's safe to say the LGBTQ+ community is obsessed with eternal sunshine. No surprise there!

Ariana Grande knows how to deliver an incredible album and her latest body of work is no exception.

While attending the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, many celebrities spilled the tea on their favorite songs from eternal sunshine and revealed their all-time favorite albums from Ms. Grande.

Scroll below to see which stars have the same taste as you! Plus, don't forget to stream eternal sunshine if you haven't already.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez - Yours Truly


MJ Rodriguez is an OG Ariana Grande fan!

The Pose actress says "Baby I" really got her hooked and she's been a stan ever since.

"There's so many! 'Baby I' is one of my favorite tracks! Yours Truly is my favorite [album]. That was her introduction!"

Chris Colfer - Dangerous Woman


Chris Colfer had an incredible night at Elton John's annual party, but he had a tough time picking his favorite album.

"I adore her. I think 'Into You' [and Dangerous Woman] is my favorite! It's on my elliptical playlist."

Chris Olsen - Dangerous Woman


Chris Olsen stans all of the pop girlies, but he's in agreement with his fellow Chris that Dangerous Woman is the best.

"Dangerous Woman one hundred percent. I love when she sings! She's a belter and I love that."

Although he's obsessed with Dangerous Woman, he's also been loving eternal sunshine since its release.

"I actually appreciate how short it is, because I'm able to listen through multiple times a day. It is a no-skip album. I'm not really skipping any, so it's incredible."

Dexter Mayfield - Dangerous Woman


Continuing with the Dangerous Woman trend, Dexter Mayfield wasted no time revealing his favorite Grande album.

"Dangerous Woman. That was really fast. That was easy."

Justin Sylvester - Dangerous Woman


Rounding out the Dangerous Woman fan club is news personality Justin Sylvester.

"I'm going to go with whatever 'Side to Side' was on. That pop moment was phenomenal. I'm not an album girl. I'm more of a singles girl."

Gigi Goode - eternal sunshine


Even though eternal sunshine is Grande's latest record, Gigi Goode thinks this could be her greatest album yet.

"I think it's this one! I think she's really solidified herself as an artist, not just sonically, but lyrically. She's become a poet. Glinda got her!"

Johnny Sibilly - thank u, next


After his exclusive spicy interview with PRIDE at Elton John's party, Johnny Sibilly also shared his favorite Grande album.

However, he had a tougher time picking his all-time fave.

"I really like thank u, next. Positions is good. I really like the OG Ariana too. Honestly, everything that she touches is gold. I'm going to be drinking out of her Kool-Aid for a very long time."

Manila Luzon - Sam & Cat?


This was out of left field!

Manila Luzon wanted to go all the way back to Ariana Grande's Nickelodeon days... but she came up with an album that doesn't quite exist.

"The soundtrack for Cat and... what was the show she was on? Is there a soundtrack to that? There'd better be."