Quiz! As 'Mission: Impossible' turns 25... are you a spy film expert?

Quiz! As 'Mission: Impossible' turns 25... are you a spy film expert?

It has been 25 years since Tom Cruise made his first appearance as top renegade spy Ethan Hunt in the rebooted Mission: Impossible franchise. Although you wouldn't know it's been so long to look at Cruise still fresh-faced and performing his own stunts on set of the latest M:I instalment in Yorkshire recently.

And as well as starring in seven impossible missions so far, Hunt isn't the only secret agent Cruise has played. He also stars in the Jack Reacher movies and even played real-life CIA agent Barry Seal in 2017 action comedy American Made.

So to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of Mission: Impossible we've designed a quiz to test your knowledge of the spy movie genre — from James Bond through Charlie's Angels and all the way to Austin Powers.

Can weave through the web of intrigue to push the button on the right answers in this 15 question, multiple choice quiz without getting blown up or distracted by seduction along the way?

Do you know enough about on-screen espionage to make it out through the mission with your dignity in tact? There's only one way to find out - take the challenge and complete the quiz!

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