Quiz! Are you an expert on celebrities' baby names?

Quiz! Are you an expert on celebrities' baby names?

Celebrities know all about standing out in the crowd and being on trend. And when it comes to naming their children it seems attention-grabbing monikers are de rigueur.

Stars looking to call their kids something interesting take inspiration from fruit and ancient Biblical words for peace, right through to days of the week and city suburbs.

While some celebrities go to great lengths to keep their children's identities a secret - others just seem like they are desperate to make headlines with their outlandish choices.

Perhaps there is a secret league among famous people where they score points for coming top in the latest list of 'Bonkers Baby Names' published each year. From Kim Kardashian to The Beckhams, Angelina Jolie to Katie Price - even Ed Sheeran seems to be in on the game.

But once the initial shock has worn off, can you still remember what they called their kids?

Do these celebrity offspring steal the spotlight in your memory? Find out how well you know the unusual roll call of showbiz kids by taking this 15 question multiple choice quiz.

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