Quiz! How well do you know the films of Tom Cruise?

Quiz! How well do you know the films of Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise has a Hollywood career spanning four decades with movies ranging across action, romance, comedy and even musicals.

Many of his films have become iconic in popular culture from Top Gun and Rain Man to Jack Reacher to the long-running Mission: Impossible franchise.

And with Cruise being spotted filming in Yorkshire recently for the latest Mission: Impossible it's time to test your knowledge of one of Hollywood's most iconic A-listers.

Cruise has acted opposite many of Hollywood's most celebrated leading ladies, and dated several of them as well. But as well as being a heartthrob and a box-office busting superstar, he has an intriguing private life that has provoked much speculation.

Whether it be shaking a cocktail, putting on a motorcycle helmet or dancing around the living room in your socks, Cruise's influence is everywhere. But can you recall all you know about this famous A-Lister, or has some of your Cruise knowledge self-destructed after reading?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take this 15 question, multiple choice quiz, to prove you are a Top Gun Tom Cruise expert. (You had me at quiz....)

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