'Celebrity Bake Off': Novice baker Dizzee Rascal has the kitchen confidence we all need

Dizzee Rascal.
Dizzee Rascal on Celebrity Bake Off (Channel 4)

If there's one thing that can mean the difference between triumph and disaster on The Great British Bake Off, it's never losing your nerve.

So despite Celebrity Bake Off contestant Dizzee Rascal never having baked before, he had a head-start thanks to his complete confidence that he would rise to the challenge.

The rapper said at the start of the episode: "I reckon I'll be hosting this thing when I'm done, that's how confident I am."

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He then admitted to never having watched the programme or baked anything before, but wasn't about to let that put him off.

While taking on his first challenge, a carrot cake, Dizzee refused to be intimidated by judge Paul Hollywood.

As Hollywood asked him whether he'd baked before, he replied: "Nah. It's just science, innit?"

The carrot cake was a hit with the judges, and Dizzee even spotted Prue Leith going back for seconds.

Dizzee Rascal with Matt Lucas.
Dizzee Rascal with Matt Lucas in the Bake Off tent. (Channel 4)

He said: "I saw Prue go for another sneaky taste. She's feeling the flavours."

After a brief meltdown over how to whisk a meringue into stiff peaks during the Queen of Puddings technical challenge, he managed to bypass competitor Nick Grimshaw in the judging and ended in a respectable third place.

During the showstopper – a biscuit self-portrait incorporating the celebrity's workplace – Dizzee even managed to rescue a split chocolate ganache by expertly whisking in some cream.

He made a biscuit version of his album cover Boy In Da Corner, with Hollywood telling him: "For someone who's never baked before, I'm amazed."

Dizzee Rascal with Matt, Prue and Paul.
Dizzee Rascal shows his album cover to Matt, Prue and Paul. (Channel 4)

Leith said: "Isn't it amazing to think this guy had never baked before coming into the tent."

However, Dizzee's confidence couldn't quite take him to first place, which was fought out between Reece Shearsmith and Philippa Perry.

In the end it was Shearsmith, who had won a Hollywood handshake for his first cake and was told his biscuit portrait could rival the main series contestants, who was named Star Baker.

Celebrity Bake Off continues next Tuesday on Channel 4 at 8pm.

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