Celebrity Big Brother fans say show is 'fixed' after Louis Walsh twist

The Irish music mogul was saved from elimination in a St Patrick's Day instalment from the house

Louis Walsh has been saved from elimination. (Shutterstock for Big Brother)
Louis Walsh has been saved from elimination. (Shutterstock for Big Brother)

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Celebrity Big Brother fans have accused the show of being fixed to get Louis Walsh to the final.

The former X Factor judge has been one of the most talked about stars in the ITV reality show house, thanks to his showbiz titbits and cutting remarks about some of the celebs he has worked with. But on Monday night’s show (18 March) he ended up facing banishment after Fern Britton was selected for a secret task.

However, viewers were told there was a “twist”, which ended up being that the Irish star was immune from eviction this week. And now many are saying the star must have “nine lives” as although he has been in danger before he always comes out unscathed.

What, how, and why?

As the programme got under way, former This Morning host Britton was told she had to select one of her housemates to get the boot by placing a toy snake on the person’s pillow. She chose Walsh, and the snake was later discovered nestled on his bed.

Fern Britton had a secret mission. (ITV screengrab)
Fern Britton had a secret mission. (ITV screengrab)

However, when Big Brother confirmed that someone had chosen Walsh to be banished, they also revealed that a St Patrick's Day twist would see him granted immunity.

As Walsh sat in the Diary Room he was handed a shamrock and Big Brother told him he had “the luck of the Irish”.

The move left Walsh’s housemates looking stunned, while many viewers were apparently left feeling as if the twist was put in place to keep Walsh in the competition.

“This is FIXED,” one viewer wrote on X. “Obviously, they wouldn’t let Louis leave. He’s been up for eviction every time & survived… no chance. They don’t call him nine lives Louis for no reason.”

Someone else posted: “#CBBUK you turn and twist things to suit your show!” “So Louis still being in #CBBUK is an absolute fix!!” said another fan.

“This guy is like a cat with nine lives in that house,” somebody else pointed out. One fan wrote: “I bet if Fern had given any other name, they'd be gone. Proper fix that!”

Louis Walsh has made it to the final. (ITV screengrab)
Louis Walsh has escaped being eliminated but some viewers are calling it a 'fix'. (ITV screengrab)

Another viewer agreed: “This is so obviously being fixed to keep LOUIS WALSH in - immunity & St Patrick's Day celebrations geared up for him.”

However, other viewers said they were just happy to see the music mogul get to the final.

“Louis Walsh St Patrick's Day snake twist is one of the best ever!” one person said on X. Another chimed in: “I’m so glad Louis is in the final, I want that drama hunny.”

What else happened on Celebrity Big Brother?

The episode also saw the housemates nominating, with the results later revealed to them.

This week, Britton, Zeze Millz and Marisha Wallace will face the public vote ahead of a double live eviction on Tuesday (19 March). They join Strictly star Nikita Kuzmin, who previously volunteered to take the killer nomination and put himself up for eviction.

Yahoo has contacted ITV for comment.

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