What are Celebrity Big Brother's rules as Louis Walsh breaks them again

There's been yet another rule break in the Celebrity Big Brother house - but what exactly are the rules?

Louis Walsh is taking part in Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Louis Walsh has broken Celebrity Big Brother's rules again. (ITV)

Louis Walsh has fallen foul of Celebrity Big Brother's rules again after he was caught out discussing nominations.

The X Factor star has now broken the rules three times in the ITV rebooted show, but looked surprised to be in trouble again as when Big Brother told the group there had been a rule break he said: "I didn't do it, who did it? Name and shame."

Walsh was told he and Marisha Wallace, who looked equally surprised to be named, would be punished for their behaviour - but what are Big Brother's rules and how did they break them?

How did Louis Walsh break the rules in Celebrity Big Brother?

Louis Walsh - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Louis Walsh has broken the rules three times. (ITV)

On Thursday night, Celebrity Big Brother viewers saw Walsh called out for breaking the house rules again - which looked like it was news to him.

Big Brother told the group there had been a rule break and Walsh seemed sure it wasn't him this time as he said the culprit should be "named and shamed".

He looked shocked as Big Brother announced that he had broken the rules twice - once with Wallace as he complained that certain housemates would nominate him for eviction every week and she joked that they would, and a second time when he asked Nikita Kuzmin to bear in mind that he didn't want to be sent home.

This wasn't the first time that Walsh had broken the rules as last week, he and since-evicted housemate Lauren Simon were also punished for discussing nominations as they shared with each other who they didn't get on with.

What are Big Brother's rules?

Walsh claimed that his recent rule breaks were totally innocent conversations and Wallace complained that she had clearly been joking in her comments.

So what exactly are the rules? Here's the code that the housemates are expected to stick to:

Marisha Wallace - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Big Brother made an exception for Marisha Wallace to tell her some big news. (ITV)
  • No contact with the outside world, including internet, newspapers, phone calls and conversations with people outside of the house.

  • Filming takes place 24 hours a day and housemates must wear their microphones at all times - so no private conversations.

  • Diary Room visits are compulsory and it's the only place that Big Brother will talk with you.

  • No discussing nominations or influencing nominations. Housemates must come to the Diary Room to nominate when asked and must give full reasons for their choices.

  • The public decide who is evicted.

  • No threatening or using violence towards other housemates.

  • Big Brother may remove housemates for serious rule breaks, threats, violence, or causing serious offence.

  • All tasks are compulsory.

  • Don't move the furniture or tamper with the fixtures and fittings.

  • Housemates must get up when the alarm goes off.

  • Don't talk about previous series of Big Brother or members of the production team.

Big Brother made an exception to the rules this week by allowing contact with the outside world when they announced that Wallace had been nominated for an Olivier Award for her starring role in Guys and Dolls.

How are rule breaks punished?

For the most serious offences, housemates can be removed - as they have been in previous series for physical fights and use of racist language.

However, Walsh's rule breaks this series have been at the milder end of the spectrum.

Watch: Lauren and Louis are punished for a rule break

He and Simon were banished to the garden for their first conversation about nominations, and on Thursday viewers saw Walsh and Wallace tasked with the washing up for a full day for their comments.

Big Brother explained Walsh's punishment had been chosen because he had been voted the laziest housemate earlier in the week.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on ITV at 9pm.

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