Should Sharon Osbourne be allowed her own bedroom on Celebrity Big Brother?

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Celebrity Big Brother bedroom
Should Sharon Osbourne get her own bedroom on Celebrity Big Brother? (ITV)

Sharon Osbourne is the first ever Celebrity Big Brother lodger so of course she's living in the house by different rules.

The "first" reality star has reunited with her former co-star Louis Walsh as well as rubbing shoulders with former This Morning host Fern Britton, Kate Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith and Coronation Street's Colson Smith.

Some fans complained TV bosses had "blown the budget" on Osbourne. It was reported TV bosses couldn't match the TV queen's big demands for pay so they compromised with the star agreeing to stay in the house for one week of the show. The star has since dismissed these reports as Osbourne detailed the emotional reason why she can only stay for a short time.

After the launch show, it was clear that the TV personality had made a big impression on viewers at home as everyone was talking about her. Social media was in meltdown as Osbourne got her own bedroom in the livestream following the first episode - which was later unveiled in the second episode.

Sharon Osbourne - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Sharon Osbourne - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)

In the history of Celebrity Big Brother, all the stars sleep together in one bedroom which is kitted out with lots of double beds. The bedroom has even been given a makeover for this series. However, Osbourne has secured herself her own private bedroom which seems to be downstairs - just to the right of the famous diary room.

So should Osbourne really have been allowed her own separate bedroom? Or should she have to sleep with the rest of the stars in the Celebrity Big Brother bedroom? Cast your vote in our Celebrity Big Brother poll below.

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How did viewers react to Sharon getting her own room?

Osbourne getting her own room was a big talking point on social media following the live episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Among the comments, one fan questioned: "Is Sharon getting her own special en suite bedroom? #CelebrityBigBrother."

Others added: "Sharon finally found her own bedroom, which is just to the right of the diary room! #CBB She is the only housemate to have her own room. She sure negotiated one good contract for #CBBUK!"

"This is pure chaos they’re all looking for Sharon’s secret bedroom… imagine they haven’t given her one and Louis had it put in his contract that they was staying close by together. Loving all this gossip #CBBUK."

Celebrity Big Brother's Diary Room chair for 2024. (ITV)
Sharon Osbourne's room is close to Celebrity Big Brother's Diary Room. (ITV)

"Louis is opening the wardrobes trying to find Sharon’s bedroom. Does he think she’s going to Narnia? #CBBLive #CBBUK."

"Looks like Sharon Osbourne has her own bedroom - Sharon and Louis are talking on the live stream about trying to find ‘her room’ #CBBUK."

"I don't agree with Sharon having a separate bedroom but the entertainment of them all trying to find her hidden bedroom is quite hilarious. #CBBUKLive #CBBLive #CBBUK."

"It sounds like Sharon's sleeping in a separate bedroom. #CBBUKLive #CBBLive #CBBUK."

"What’s the bet that Sharon has her own bedroom with no cameras #cbbuk."

Sharon Osbourne enters CBB house

In the launch episode, Osbourne poked fun at her lodger status as she's not going to be on the reality series for long. Going into the house, she cheekily quipped: "I am here for a good time, not a long time, but a good time!"

As the first to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house, the TV star was enlisted with a special task to choose three housemates to be at risk of facing the public eviction on Friday this week. She was given a little help from her long-time friend Walsh too. They came up with: Zeze Millz, Gary Goldsmith and David Potts.

While Osbourne is only on the show for a short time, The Osbournes star already promises to bring lots of drama to the reality series. "I am the original reality star, let the madness begin," she declared. "I definitely say what's on my mind."

“I am good fun to live with, so my husband says," she went on. "Chaos, I don’t cause it, it just seems to go on around me even though I do have a big spoon to mix it!"

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