Celebrity Big Brother: Trisha Paytas 'exposes' Sarah Harding's special treatment

After she sensationally walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this month, YouTuber Trisha Paytas vowed to “expose” the truth behind the Channel 5 reality show.

The US star has now proven that she is a woman of her word, taking to social media to reveal all after Sarah Harding won the show during Friday night’s finale.

Trisha insists that the show was rigged in Sarah’s favour.
Trisha insists that the show was rigged in Sarah’s favour.

Trisha was the only housemate to not be at the grand final and now she has admitted that she refused to join her former housemates because the show was “rigged” in Sarah’s favour.

In an 11-minute video uploaded to her hugely popular YouTube channel, Trisha rants: “Sarah would get a lot of special treatment and she would gloat about it when she came out of the Diary Room.

“Sarah would gloat about how they were begging her to sign up to the show, she had her own bed reserved for her, the only person who had a reserved single bed was Sarah, it was 100% rigged. It’s so rigged.”

Sarah won the show on Friday.
Sarah won the show on Friday.

Trisha also claims that the Girls Aloud singer was cruel to the older housemates, going on to say that producers tried to edit the footage to show Sarah in the best possible light.

She continued: “Sarah would be a f*cking c*** to the older people in the house. Paul [Danan] asked me if I would switch beds so that Derek [Acorah] could have his own one and I was like ‘Of course’.

“That night Sarah came in raging drunk as sh*t, Derek was asleep and she shouted: ‘What’s this? What the f*ck is this? You put me next to this’, calling Derek a foghorn.

“She was so condescending and rude to older people in the house, she’s an awful person.

“The fact she’s won is completely rigged and I’m so glad I got out when I did. Sarah Harding is a terrible, terrible person. She is so disgusting and everyone online thinks that she’s disgusting there’s no way she could have won, I don’t buy into it.

“She’s just a bad person, they edited it to make her look good – I thought she still looked terrible but they edited it as good as they could.”

Trisha also revealed that Sarah would get “medication” from Big Brother in the Diary Room, adding: “That’s why they said she was so fragile, she was so fragile.”

Trisha walked from the CBB house.
Trisha walked from the CBB house.

Trisha walked out of the house ten minutes after Karthik Nagesan was evicted having previously vowed to “self evict” if Sarah was not evicted by the public.

Continuing her rant on Twitter, Trisha claimed that Sarah never packed her suitcase on eviction nights, telling her housemates that she “didn’t need to” – insisting that winning the show was part of Sarah’s contract.

Celebrity Big Brother have denied all of Trisha’s allegations.

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